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    World Map / Information About Venezuela

    Information About Venezuela

    About Venezuela

    Bolivarian republic of Venezuela is a country with extremely high diversity in the coast of South America and was the first country to declare independence from the Spanish-American colonies in 1811. The national anthem for the Venezuelan state is "Glory to the Brave People" and Caracas is both the capital city and the largest city within the territory of Venezuela. The federal presidential and the constitutional republic is the form of governance in Venezuela where the president helped by the vice president and president of the national assembly, are the top leaders of the country. The national assembly is the legislature and the language used during official occasion is the Spanish. The country of Venezuela is found within the Venezuelan standard time zone and Bolívar Fuertes is the commercial currency with the +58 being the calling code in Venezuela.

    History of Venezuela

    Spain established their first permanent settlement in the South America in 1522 at Cucama where they started the mainland Venezuela colonization. Indigenous people including the Mariches were converted to Roman Catholicism during the Spanish colonization in the 16th century. The town of Caracas was the defensive center against the pirates and the Spanish protected the fertile soils and health climate of the town located along the coast in the 1567. The first Venezuelan republic which had declared independence in 1811 was brought down by earthquake that struck the region in 1812. Paez was the first president of the Venezuelan new republic after he led a rebellion against the Gran Colombia in 1830 and he proclaimed the Venezuela's independence. The country ended the agricultural exportation during the World War I when oil deposits were discovered in the lake Maracaibo. In 1947, the first free and fair elections were held after the country went through a three-year democracy rule after a military coup overthrew the government in 1945. The economy of Venezuela was greatly dislocated during the national strike from 2002 to 2003 which locked the state's main oil industry although Chavez remained the state's president.

    Geography of Venezuela

    Venezuela is the 33rd largest country in the world with its mainland located within the South American plate. The country covers a total area of 912, 050 square kilometers where 30, 00 square kilometers of the total land is under water and the rest is a dry land. The state has a coastline with several islands in the Caribbean Sea and the south Atlantic sea which gives the country a roughly triangular shape. The northeast, northern and the southeast regions of the country is dominated with lowlands, mountains and highlands respectively while wide plains cover the coastal regions. The Caribbean Sea at zero meters below the sea level is the lowest point in the country, while the highest point is in the Pico Bolivar at 5, 007 meters above the sea level.

    Climate of Venezuela

    Venezuela lies within the tropical climate along the equator. The lowlands are humid and the northwest semi arid regions receive low rainfall, while the highlands in the southern area receive higher amounts of rainfall. Low precipitation levels are experienced during the hot humid months from November to April and the cold dry months from Augusts to October. The winters have a temperate tropical climate, while the other seasons are usually in polar climates.

    Natural Resources in Venezuela

    Venezuela is the world's fifth country in terms of oil reserves. The natural gas and hydro power generation within Venezuela are the energy source substitutes of the oil. Other mineral deposits of economical importance in Venezuela include diamond, gold and iron ores.

    Tourist Attraction in Venezuela

    The country's place within the tropical climate exposes it to a great diversity noted in its landmarks which attract many tourists from all over the world. The Morrocoy national park with beautiful sand beaches and many cays and islets; the yellow and orange shades of the colorful sand dunes in the Medanos de Coro park; the Mochima national park crowded by the snorkelers and divers where dolphins prevail and the table top mount Roraima where Brazil and Guyana join with Venezuela and the center of the Canaima national park, are among the major tourists' attraction sites available in Venezuela. Other special tourists' magnetic landmarks within the territory include the highest and longest Merida cable car in the world, the Caribbean beaches of Choroni and the Archipelago park of Los Roques. The top big cities within Venezuela include:
    • Caracas
    • Maracaibo
    • Barquisimeto
    • Ciudad Guyana
    • Maturin
    • Maracay

    Famous Hotels in Venezuela

    The famous hotels of Venezuela are
    • Posada Casa Sol
    • Posada Don Elicio
    • Hotel boutique Isabel La Catolica
    • Cayena Caracas Hotel
    • Posada El Solar de la Luma
    • Posada el Encanto

    Venezuela Culture and Cuisine

    The melting pot of the Venezuelan culture has the Spanish; indigenous and African cultures rotating within it. Venezuela has the freedom of religion but the Roman Catholic is the most popular religion. The main dishes served in Venezuela include the maize pancakes with the arepa traditional food being the national bread and mandoca corn meal enjoyed when hot. Ponche crema, chichi and milkshakes are the preferred drinks in Venezuela. The most consumed fruits being mangoes and passion fruits.

    International Airports in Venezuela

    • Simon Bolívar airport
    • Ciudad Guayana airport
    • Caicara de oro airport
    • Gen J A Anzoátegui airport
    • Ciudad Bolívar airport
    • Vare Maria airport
    • Oro negro airport
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    Flag of Venezuela

    Facts about Venezuela

    ContinentSouth America
    Independence DayJuly 5, 1811
    Area916,445 sq km
    Dialling Code58
    NeighboursBrazil, Colombia, Guyana