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    World Map / Information About Vatican City

    Information About Vatican City

    About Vatican City

    Vatican City State is an independent country surrounded by Rome city in the Europe and covers the smallest total area with the smallest population compared to the other states in the world. "Pontifical anthem and March" is the states national anthem with the Vatican City being the capital city. The official languages used in the state are the Latin and Italian whiles the Roman Catholicism being state's religion. Absolute monarchy, ecclesiastical and an elective theocracy, are the unique form of governance used to rule the people of the Vatican city with the sovereign being the state leader, while the secretary of state and president of the governorate are the second top leaders in the state. The legislature of the Vatican City=> pontifical commission and Vatican City is the only famous state which is not a member of the United Nations. The state of Vatican City is found within the central European time and uses the euro as its currency with the +379 being the state's calling code.

    History of Vatican City

    Lateran treaty signed in 1929 was the first treaty used in the Vatican City which established it to its modern name. The agar vatucanus, the originally uninhibited part of Rome, was sacred before the arrival of the Christianity in Rome. The holy see of the Vatican walls were not interfered with by the Italy but the king of Italy confiscated the papal palace in 1583 and it became the royal palace and this made the popes within the Vatican walls stay undisturbed. The last Papal States pope was declared as a prisoner after they refused to leave the Vatican where they gave up the political power and they concentrated on spiritual matters. In 1943, Rome was bombed by 500 American aircrafts where more than 1, 500 people were killed and this led to the declaration of the Rome as an open city after the suggestion had been decline many times before the bombing. In 1984 Catholicism was introduced and made the national religion when the new concordat was signed between the Italy and the Holy See.

    Geography of Vatican City

    Vatican City is on the Vatican hills within the state of Rome and covers a total area of 0.44 square kilometers and stretches to the St. Peter's square and the city is partly surrounded by walls. None of the Vatican City is under water and has no coastline since it's a landlocked enclave country in Rome. Vatican is the low hills named as the Vatican hills just beyond the right banks of the river Tiber. Since the city is enclave within Rome, there are several entries into the city although they guarded by pontifical Swiss guards. The building within Rome is where the major offices of Vatican City are.

    Climate of Vatican City

    The territory of Vatican City experiences the same temperate climate as the other parts of Rome. The winters which run from September to may usually have the Mediterranean climate making the season be mild and rainy and modifies the summer seasons between may to August to have hot and dry conditions. The anomalous bulk of the St. Peters Basilica and the elevated terrains bring about the mists and dews.

    Tourist Attraction in Vatican City

    The walls surrounding the Vatican City houses enough landmarks which can keep the days of the tourists fully occupied and each day scheduled for a great place to pay a visit. The magnificent St Peters Basilica where the St Peter was buried is a great place to visit. The artisan's work and the Bernini monuments are the structures that welcome your eyes as you get in to the church through the two bronze doors. The church rises to a height of 119 meters and can accommodate 60, 000 congregation. The rectangular hall of Sistine chapel is where the popes' elections take place. The church has extensive renaissance painting and frescoes covering the walls and the ceiling, while its side walls have beautiful Biblical sceneries. The pinacoteca picture galleries with the priceless arts ranging from the ancient ages to the recently contemporary works and the Raphael rooms which commissioned by pope Julius marked with the traditional historical painting are some of the major great sceneries which will attract your eyes.

    Famous Hotels in Vatican City

    There are no big hotels within the city. Visitors and tourists are usually accommodated in the hotels in Rome such as:
    • Vatican charme
    • Caesar place
    • I sette colli b&b
    • Saint peters bells guest house
    • Mimmi's house
    • Atlante garden hotel
    • Vatican garden house

    Vatican City Culture and Cuisine

    Roman Catholicism is the dominating religion as both the saint Peter's basilica and square are within the territory of the city. The city's location the city in a peninsula provides abundant sea foods consumed in many parts within the city. The meats sourced from the cattle and chicken stew the dishes. Citrus fruits such as the oranges and lemons are commonly served together with the main dishes. The globe artichokes such as the saltimbocca and carciofi alla giudia are famous vegetables favored by many people in the Vatican City. The bruschetta and the crostini, which originated from the Italy, are cooked in several hotels and restaurants.

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    Flag of Vatican City