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    World Map / USA Map / US Zip codes / Arizona Zip Codes

    Arizona Zip Codes (USA)

    Arizona Zip codes

    Arizona is a state out of 50 states in USA. Arizona zipcodes starts from 85001 and ends to 86556.
    Find Zipcodes

    Zipcode Map of Arizona

    Map showing the location of Zipcode of Arizona along with Latitude and Longitude.
    Table shows the List of Zipcodes in Arizona Cities - USA. Find the location of Zipcodes of Arizona cities below.

    List of Zipcodes of Arizona Cities, USA

    85001PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85002PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85003PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85004PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85005PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85006PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85007PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85008PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85009PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85010PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85011PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85012PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85013PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85014PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85015PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85016PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85017PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85018PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85019PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85020PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85021PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85022PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85023PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85024PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85025PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85026PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85027PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85028PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85029PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85030PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85031PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85032PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85033PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85034PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85035PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85036PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85037PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85038PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85039PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85040PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85041PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85042PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85043PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85044PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85045PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85046PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85048PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85050PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85051PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85053PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85054PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85055PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85060PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85061PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85062PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85063PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85064PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85065PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85066PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85067PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85068PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85069PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85070PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85071PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85072PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85073PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85074PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85075PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85076PhoenixPhoenix, AZ
    85077Greyhound Dial CorpGreyhound Dial Corp, AZ

    List of hospitals in Arizona Cities, USA

    Hospital nameAddressWebsiteEmail
    Arizona Heart Foundation1910 East Thomas RoadVBaez@azheartfoundation.org
    Banner HealthBH CME Officehttp://www.bannercme.comgloria.mawson@bannerhealth.com
    Carl T. Hayden Va Medical Center650 Indian School Rd. 142ESusan.hall5@va.gov
    Carondelet Health Network2202 N. Forbes Blvdcmchugh@azmedassn.org
    Catholic Healthcare West-east Valley475 South Dobson RoadSallie.Weems@CHW.EDU
    Cme SolutionsP.O. Box 68680http://www.cmesolutions.orgsdehart@cmesolutions.org
    Flagstaff Medical Center1200 N. Beaver St.suzanne.tackitt@nahealth.com
    Hospice Of The Valley1510 E. Flower Streetvhochstetler@hov.org
    Indian Health Service, Clinical Support CenterTwo Renaissance Squarehttp://www.ihs.govjohn.saari@ihs.gov
    Mammography Education4429 East Spur Drivehttp://www.mammographyed.comlisa@mammographyed.com
    Maricopa Integrated Health SystemDepartment of Academic Affairshttp://mihs.orgnancy.partington@mihs.org
    Milton H. Erickson Foundation3606 North 24th Streethttp://www.erickson-foundation.orgsusan@erickson-foundation.org
    Mutual Insurance Company Of Arizona (Mica)2602 E. Thomas Rd.javery@mica-insurance.com
    Payson Regional Medical Center807 South Ponderosasharla@azmedassn.org
    Phoenix Children's Hospital1919 East Thomas Roadhttp://www.phoenixchildrens.comjcunnin@phoenixchildrens.com
    Science Care, Inc.21410 North 19th Avenuehttp://www.sciencecare.comsarah.allmon@sciencecare.com
    Scottsdale Healthcare7400 E. Osborn RoadSschwartz@shc.org
    St. Joseph's Hospital And Medical Center350 West Thomas Roadhttp://www.stjosephs-phx.org/index.htmerica.brown@chw.edu
    Tucson Hospitals Medical Education Program (Thmep)5301 E. Grant Rd.sue.corcoran@tmcaz.com
    University Of Arizona College Of Medicine At The Arizona Health Sciences Center, TheContinuing Medical Educationhttp://www.ocme.arizona.edujharris@medadmin.arizona.edu