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    Kansas (KS) state of USA

    I like Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City. With the waterfall and things like that, I think it's pretty cool - CC Sabathia

    History & Geography:
    Kansas is a Midwestern state also known as the sunflower state. This state was established on the 29th of January 1861 and Topeka is the state capital. Kansas with its 213,000 km2 is the 15th most extensive and with its about 2.9 million people
    the 34th most populous of the 50 United States.
    The state of Kansas epitomizes the U.S. heartland with its Great Plains setting of rolling wheat fields. Almost rectangular in shape and mostly part of the Great Plains, Kansas is famous for its seemingly endless fields of ripe golden wheat.

    Natural Resources:
    Kansas's Chief and most important natural resources are the very fertile soil and mineral deposits (Petroleum, natural gas, clays, gypsum, helium, natural gas liquids, salt, sand and gravel, stone).

    The nation's top wheat grower, Kansas is also a leading producer of grain sorghum and corn. Hay, soybeans, and sunflowers are also major crops. Cattle and calves, however, constitute the single most valuable agricultural item. Meatpacking and dairy industries are major economic activities, and the Kansas City stockyards are among the nations largest.

    Kansas is cattle country there is plenty of grilling pork, chicken and hot dogs. Traditional breakfast leans on the bacon, sausage links, ham and hash browns kind. Baby back ribs and grilled pork chops are often in the menu.

    Kansas has a temperate with great extremes between summer and winter temperatures but few long periods of extreme hot or cold. But it has a continental climate.

    Kansas has 105 counties, the sixth-highest total of any state. Many of the counties in the eastern part of the state are named after prominent Americans from the late 18th and early-to-mid-19th centuries, while those in the central and western part of the state are named for figures in the American Civil War. Several counties throughout the state bear names of Native American origin. No Kansas county has two words in its name.
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    Kansas is served by two Interstate highways with one beltway, two spur routes, and three bypasses, with over a total of 874 miles (1,407 km) in all. The first section of Interstate in the nation was opened on Interstate 70 just west of Topeka on November 14, 1956.

    Hotel and Places:
    Kansas's amazing and breathtaking sites that are a must visit include: Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead, Kansas Speedway, Museum of World Treasures, Kansas State Capitol, Cosmosphere, Botanice the Wichita Garden, Brown V. Board of Education national, Community American Ballpark and Schlitterbahn Kansas City.
    The list of five stars, comfortable and luxurious hotels in the US state of Kansas for a relaxed evening are as follows:
    • Ambassador Hotel Kansas City, Autograph Collection
    • The Raphael Hotel, Autograph Collection By Marriott
    • Hotel Sorella Country Club Plaza

    Author: Izma Sayyed
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