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    World Map / Information About United Kingdom

    Information About United Kingdom

    About United Kingdom

    United Kingdom is a sovereign state made up of four countries and encircled by the Atlantic Ocean in the Europe. It's the 11th largest state in Europe and its capital city is the fourth biggest city in Europe. " God Save the Queen" is the states national anthem with the city of London being its largest city and the capital with the major governmental offices located there. The official language is English and used as the national language. The form of government used in UK is the unitary parliamentary with a monarchical constitution where the monarch and the prime minister, are the state leaders and the parliament is the legislature with both the upper and lower houses. The state lies within the Greenwich meridian time zone and the commercial currency used is the pound sterling and the calling code used is the +44.

    History of United Kingdom

    The insular Celtic cultural people occupied the current United Kingdom during the historic and pre-historic periods. The kingdom of England emerged in the 10th century after the Anglo-Saxons settled regions unified under the kingdom. Norman-French culture and the feudalism was introduced in the region after the Normans from France invaded England and settled in Scotland. When James IV, who was the king of the Scots, possessed the England and Ireland's crown in 1603, he managed to put Ireland, England and the Scotland under one personal union and transferred his court from Edinburgh to London although each state remained as a separate political entity. Although the British had transported more than two million African slaves to Indies, the trade was banned in 1807 and they played a great role through the formation of treaties with other worldwide countries in the move to abolish of the slave trade. United Kingdom emerged as the principal and imperial power state in the 19th century after the Napoleonic and the revolutionary wars. United Kingdom carried out its first test of the atomic bomb in 1952 and therefore it became the third country to develop a nuclear weapon. The United Kingdom plays great diplomatic and military roles in the United Nations and the European Union.

    Geography of United Kingdom

    The only land border in the United Kingdom shared by two states is the Northern Ireland which it shares with the republic of Ireland. The Southern and the eastern borders of UK are covered by the English Channel and North Sea respectively while the rest of the borders lie within the Atlantic Ocean. The country covers a total area of 243, 610 square kilometers where 241, 930 square kilometers and the rest portions of the country is covered by water. The state has a coastline and most of the lands in the country is covered with low mountains and rugged hills. England is the biggest country in the kingdom and has a lowland terrain, while Scotland is second and consists of over 800 islands. Wales which is the third largest is mostly mountainous while the Northern Ireland is hilly. The Fens which fall at negative four meters below the sea level is the least elevated region in the UK, while the Ben Nevis at 1, 343 meters above the sea level has been recorded as the most elevated region in the kingdom. Rover Severn is the longest river, while Loch Morar is the deepest lake in the kingdom.

    Climate of United Kingdom

    The United Kingdom receives high amounts of rainfall throughout the year and has a temperate climate. The climate is moderated by the prevailing winds where a wet weather is spelled by the south-eastern winds from the Atlantic Ocean, whiles the Atlantic currents passing through the Gulf Stream, are warmed causing a warm winter. South-east of England usually has the warmest summers while the northern England has the coolest summers and sometimes snowfall occur on the hills during the winters.

    Natural Resources in United Kingdom

    United Kingdom was a forested area during the historic period and even up to date its arable land provides great areas for the plantation of wheat and barley and even for animal domestication. The kingdom has the fossil deposits which are the great sources of both oil and natural gas and even coal. Other geological minerals such as limestone, gypsum, iron ores and even lead and gold are also found within the kingdom.

    Tourist Attraction in United Kingdom

    United Kingdom has loads of beautiful spots and landmarks which attract crowds of tourists from all over the world. The stretch of the 117 kilometers long Hadrian's wall constructed by the Romans in 122 AD, the ancient military architecture in the Warwick castle, the largest national park—Lake District with its fells designed by the glacial erosion, the tower of the London used a prison in old days and the Cotswold with gentle hills and stone-built villages are among the major magnetic sites for the tourists in the United Kingdom. Other special landmarks such as the greatest Norman building –Durham cathedral with its original foundation since 1093, the Windsor castle which is the largest castle in the world and the third-largest clock tower in the world-the Big Ben are scheduled by the tourists who visit this kingdom. The top ranked cities in the UK are:
    • London
    • Birmingham
    • Glasgow
    • Liverpool
    • Leeds
    • Manchester
    • Bristol

    Famous Hotels in United Kingdom

    The famous hotels of United Kingdom are
    • Haymarket Hotel
    • The Milestone Hotel
    • Rudding Park Hotel
    • Casa Hotel
    • Corinthia Hotel London
    • Rosewood London

    United Kingdom Cuisine and Culture

    United Kingdom has a multicultural cuisine influenced by the Romans and the French. Roast beef, bread and butter pudding, Cornish pasties, fish and chips are among the traditional foods served today. Black pudding, beef stick and kidney pudding are among the interesting dishes in the hotels and restaurant.

    International Airports in United Kingdom

    • London Heathrow
    • London Gatwick
    • Manchester
    • London Stansted
    • Birmingham international
    • Landon Luton
    • Glasgow international
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    Flag of United Kingdom

    Facts about United Kingdom

    CountryUnited Kingdom
    Independence DayN/A
    ClimateTemperate Maritime
    CurrencyPound Sterling (GBP)
    Dialling Code44