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    World Map / Information About Turkmenistan

    Information About Turkmenistan

    About Turkmenistan

    Turkmenistan is the fourth country in the world with large sources of natural gas and it lies in the central regions of the Asian continent. Ashgabat is the largest and the capital city housing the main governmental offices and the nation has no official motto. Turkmen is the language used officially, while "state anthem of independent, neutral Turkmenistan" used as the national anthem. The form of government used is the unitary presidential republic with the president and the chairperson of the Mejjis being the overall leaders while the Mejjis forming the legislature in the country. The country lies in the Turkmenistan time zone with the Turkmen new manat being the state currency and the +993 is the country's calling code.

    History of Turkmenistan

    Turkmen the Oghuz group, who accepted Islam, were the first people to settle in Turkmenistan under the leadership of the Seljuk Empire. In the 10th century, Turkmen territory was invaded by the Russian military in the 19th century and by 1881, all the resistant territories were defeated and the whole of Turkmenistan was under the powers of the Russian empire. In 1948, Ashgabat earthquake killed almost two-thirds of the people in the city retarding Turkmenistan political growth. In 1991, Saparmurad Niyazov led Turkmenistan in gaining its independence and he was chosen as the chief of the state. A referendum and legislature cancelled the presidential re-election requirement enabling the sitting president to lead for life. In 2007, the first multi-candidate elections were held after the death of Nyyazo where Gurbnguly was elected as the president and re-elected in the general election held in 2012. The gas export pipelines to china and Iran from Turkmenistan started operating in 2010 ending the Russian monopoly in the gas export.

    Geography of Turkmenistan

    Turkmenistan is the 52nd largest country in the world at 488, 100 square kilometers with 469, 930 square kilometers occupied by the dry land while 18, 170 square kilometers covered by water. The state shares its north-eastern and north-western borders with Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan respectively. Afghanistan and Iraq are on the south-eastern and south-western borders of Turkmenistan respectively. The country has a flat rolling karakum desert covering much of the land and has no coastline since it borders the Caspian Sea. Turan depression dominates the central land while the Kopet Dag ranges rising about 2192 meters found in the south-western regions. Vpadina Akchanaya is the lowest point at 81 meters above the sea level while the Gora Ayribaba at 3039 meters forms the highest point in the country.

    Climate of Turkmenistan

    The climate of Turkmen is entirely arid and subtropical due to the presence of extensive deserts covering the country. The winters are usually dry and mild, the rainfall received is little and the Kopet Dag Range experiencing most precipitation from January and May.

    Natural Resources in Turkmenistan

    Turkmenistan is endowed with both the energy and natural resources which earn the country great economic revenue. The country has extensive deposits of hydrocarbons providing great natural gas sources and reliable petroleum wells. Huge stocks of mineral deposits such as the potassium, salt, sulfur, carbonate and sodium are also found in this area.

    Tourist Attraction in Turkmenistan

    The architecture and the archaeological sites dominating the state of Turkmenistan attract a large crowd of tourists from all over the world. Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan, is strategically located between the range of kopet dag and the desert of Kara kum with the largest mosque; the city of Dekhistan in the Misrian valley with unique terrain and the Abiverd provinces with the ancient fortress, are the major magnetic sites for the tourists in the country. For the archaeologists, the Annau archaeological site in the Ahal province where excavations started, the central Asian oasis towns such as the Merv and Sarakhs together with the Nissa city which was destroyed during the earthquakes will keep your mind stirred up and have a topic to write on. The top cities in the Turkmenistan state include:
    • Ashgabat
    • Turkmenabat
    • Dasoguz
    • Mary
    • Balkanabat
    • Bayramaly

    Famous Hotels in Turkmenistan

    The great luxurious and romantically comfortable hotels in Turkmenistan include:
    • Sofitel Ashgabat Oguzkent
    • Hotel Nissa
    • The Grand Turkmen Hotel
    • Yelken Yatch Hotel
    • Hotel Mary
    • Hotel Gara Altyn
    • Hotel Rahat
    • Hotel AK Altyn

    Turkmenistan Culture and Cuisine

    The ancient settlement of nomadic Turkmen in the state made the culture of Turkmenistan be different from the other neighboring Islamic countries whose ancient settlers were farmers. The pre-Islamic period of the Oguz traditions reflect into the current culture both in the literature and the kinds of music played. Turkmen language is largely encountered as you move out of the capital; matgymguly and mammetweli are significant literature in the state. Large, black sheepskin hats are some of the traditional attire maintained up to date and the khorasani ancient music still finds its way to the current culture. Most central Asian countries including Turkmenistan shares the same kinds of cuisine where the pilaf made of fried chunks of mutton, rice and carrots is the staple food. Most restaurants in Turkmenistan serve buckwheat, pelmeni and other mayonnaise-based salads. Melons are famous fruits in Turkmenistan and almost every meal is served with the naan-the flat bread of central Asia. Green tea and thick yogurt are also served together with the breakfast.

    International and Domestic Airports in Turkmenistan

    Some of the important airports of Turkmenistan are:
    • Ashgabat international airport
    • Balkanabat airport
    • Dashoguz international airport
    • Kerkici airport
    • Mary airport
    • Turkmenbashi airport
    • Turkmenabat airport
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    Flag of Turkmenistan

    Facts about Turkmenistan

    GovernmentPresidential republic,
    Independence Day27-Oct-91
    ClimateArid and Semi-arid Steppe
    Area491,210 sq km
    CurrencyTurkmen Manat (TMM)
    Dialling Code993
    NeighboursAfghanistan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan