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    World Map / Information About Turkey

    Information About Turkey

    About Turkey

    Republic of Turkey is a geostrategic country in the Eurasia with Ankara as its capital city and Istanbul being the largest city in the country. " Independence march" is the encouraging national anthem and the Turkish is used as the official language. The Grand National assembly is the legislature in the country with the president and prime minister presiding as the leaders under the unitary parliamentary used as the constitutional governance system in the country. Turkish lira is the currency commercially used in Turkey and it lies within the eastern European time zone and drives on the right with +90 used as the county's calling code.

    History of Turkey

    Anatolian peninsula, the modern Turkey, was inhabited by the first population in the 2300 BC where the Hattians settled in the central Anatolia while the Harrians moved to the eastern zones of Anatolia. Later in the 1200 BC the Aeolian occupied the coastal regions of Anatolia. In the 17th century, the Ottoman Empire dominated in power in Anatolia under the powers of Magnificent Suleiman. After World War 1, the Turkish national movement was formed and Mustafa, who was the leader, led the army in the Turkish war of independence where all the armies who had occupied the country were expelled in 1992. The sovereignty of the republic of Turkey was recognized in 1923 under the pressure of the Treaty of Lausanne after the sultanate was abolished by the formed parliament. Turkey joined the United Nations in 1945 and become a member of the north Atlantic treaty organization in 1952 after its military troops took part in the united nation forces war in Korea.

    Geography of Turkey

    The Bosporus separates the Asian turkey which comprises 97% of the total area of turkey and the European Turkey occupying 3% of the total area making Turkey a transcontinental country. The Mediterranean Sea and the black sea encircles Turkey in the southern and the northern regions respectively, while the Aegean Sea runs along the western margins of the country. The country is ranked the 37th largest country in the world with a coastline of 7200 kilometers. The Asian portions of Turkey have the high central plateau at the peninsula of Anatolia where narrow coastal plains exist between the Koroglu and Pontic ranges. The Mediterranean Sea at zero meters below the sea level forms the lowest point in Turkey while Mount Ararat is the highest point at 5166 meters above the sea level.

    Climate of Turkey

    The temperate Mediterranean climate along the Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean Sea with dry summers differ with the temperate oceanic climate along the black sea which has wet summers. The winters are usually cool and wet and the coast of the black sea experiences the greatest amounts of precipitation throughout the year. The interior Turkey has the continental climate which results from the prevention of the Mediterranean influenced block by the mountains. The coastline of Turkey along the Sea of Marmara is prone to earthquakes which pose a great threat to the people of Turkey.

    Natural Resources in Turkey

    Turkey has a wide range of natural resources which contribute largely to the growth of its economy. Numerous mineral deposits such as limestone, coal, and gold, copper, mercury and iron ores are found in the country. Extensive fishing grounds in the sea, presence of clay and arable land for farming and the generation of the hydro power are the key areas where the turkey's people use to improve their economy.

    Tourist Attraction in Turkey

    Turkey has a great wealth of several tourists' attraction sites both natural and man-made which are the key destinations for the fan lovers and other visitors on official matters. The attractive large cities in Turkey where one can feel at home away from home include:
    • Istanbul
    • Ankara
    • Izmir
    • Bursa
    • Adana
    • Gaziantep
    The theater of Aspendos which has survived since 155 AD without losing its original qualities, the Patara beaches with extensive sands of Mediterranean, Pamukalle landscapes with travertine white terraces, the monuments of the Bodrum Castle and the mount Nemrur with tomb-sanctuary built with statues will be the scheduled places to visit for any tourists visiting the country. The sandy bay on a blue lagoon found in Oludeniz, the blue mosque and the ruins of Ephesus together with the wonderful natural rock formation in the Cappadocia are also precious places to adventure.

    Famous Hotels in Turkey

    Some of the attractive and precious hotels in Turkey that will make you feel comfortable include:
    • Kayakapi Premium Caves-Cappadocia
    • Neorion Hotel
    • Four Season Hotel Istanbul
    • Maxx Royal Belek Golf and SPA
    • Hotel Amira Istanbul
    • Sirkeci Mansion

    Turkey Culture and Cuisine

    Most of the written and oral text collection literatures are in the ottoman form or in other form of languages spoken in Turkey. The karagoz and hacivat are some of the traditional folk literature in Turkey. Turkey has an appetizing and rich cuisine with the passionate for food of the people of Turkey known all over the world. The art of cooking in Turkey is deep-rooted in the ottoman heritage adopted in the ancient days through the interaction of several communities. Meals in Turkey are usually soupy with the key ingredients being legumes, meat and vegetables and usually; they are served along with bread. The multi-grain village bread and the sesame doughnut with a lot of greens and cucumber are served mostly as the breakfast.

    International and Domestic Airports in Turkey

    • Ataturk international airport
    • Antalya airport
    • Sabiha Gokcen international airport
    • Esenboga international airport
    • Adnan Menderes airport
    • Adnan Sakirpasa airport
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    Flag of Turkey

    Facts about Turkey

    GovernmentParliamentary republic
    Independence Day29-Oct-23
    ClimateContinental, Mediterranean and Temperate
    Area783,562 sq km
    CurrencyTurkish Lira (TRY)
    Dialling Code90
    NeighboursArmenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Iran, Iraq, Turkey