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    World Map / Information About Tonga

    Information About Tonga

    About Tonga

    Kingdom of Tonga, made of 177 islands, it's a Polynesian territory and the only state among the pacific nations practicing the indigenous governance since the ancient days. "God and Tonga are my inheritance" is the Tongan motto, "The song of the king of Tongan islands" being the official national anthem and the official languages are English and Tongan and pa'anga is the currency. Tonga gained independence in 1970 from British, the monarch and the prime minister are the leaders of the parliamentary monarchy. The religions observed in Tonga include the church of Tonga and the religion of the free Wesleyan. The largest city in Tonga is Nuku'alofa which serves as the capital city and the state has the +676 as the calling code.

    History of Tonga

    At around 1500 BCE, the Austronesia group moved to Tonga from Nakuleka, the oldest city. In the 17 century, a civil war erupted between the Tongan paramount chiefs and the Tongan people over the central pacific and at that time the European and the Spanish explorers arrived in the land of Tonga. George, a young warrior, brought the islands of Tonga into one kingdom and he became the leader of the kingdom and in 1900, Treaty made Tonga a protected state without losing its monarchical government. Queen Salote ended the Treaty of Friendship in 1970 and Tonga joined the Commonwealth and in 1999, they joined the United Nations.

    Geography of Tonga

    Western Samoa is on the southern area of Tonga, an Oceania in the South Pacific Ocean. Tonga is a state with 36 islands out of its 177 island inhabited. Tongatapu is the largest island on which the capital city Nuku'alofa is located. The Tonga occupies a total area of about 747 square kilometers with 36 square kilometers covered by water. The coastline extends for about 416 kilometers and most of its islands are flat with limestone bedrock and overlying volcanic rocks. The Pacific Ocean at zero meters below the sea level is the lowest point, while unknown land within the Kao Island has the highest point in Tonga at 1033 meters above the sea level.

    Climate of Tonga

    Tonga has tropical climate with the warm seasons experienced from Decembers to April where the temperatures rise while the cool seasons are experienced from May to November. The trade winds which flow over Tonga are highly responsible for the climate modification. The tropical cyclones and the earthquakes which strike Tonga at different seasons are a great threat to the people of Tonga. The volcanic activities experienced in the Fonuafo'ou are also part of the climatic hazards in Tonga.

    Natural Resources in Tonga

    Fishing sites in the ocean are the main natural resource which Tonga depends on and the arable land on which farming practices are carried out. The large forestry cover provides the timber and source of energy. The well drained fertile lands in Tonga are the home of diverge species of wildlife.

    Tourist Attraction in Tonga

    The presence of over 170 islands in the state of Tonga with various wonderful landmarks and resources creates the desire of adventure to anyone who comes across the fame of the country.
    The country's top cities and the islands they are located include:
    • Nuku'alofa - Tongatapu
    • Neiafu - Vava'u
    • Haveluloto - Tongatapu
    • Vaini - Tongatapu
    • Pangai - Ha'apai
    • Ohonua - Eua
    Tonga has the great historic archaeological site where the Polynesia culture was highly treasured. Natural scenarios such as Eua and other volcanic sites and the Home reef, Ana'Ahu, cathedral caves and other sinkholes, monument of architecture and the Eua national park are the sites which are visited mostly by the tourists from all over the world. The sheltered and uncrowded lagoons within Tonga is an ideal place to be, and carry out several activities within the atolls like swimming with the whales, fishing and snorkelling, diving and exploring the cool beaches within the state. The sight of the man-made landmarks (the ancient settlement) such as the Nukuleka Lapita sites and the petroglyphs such as the Telekiva a'u petroglyphs will eventually make your day.

    Famous Hotels in Tonga

    The kingdom of Tonga offers great accommodation services to the entire visitors in the precious resorts and the luxurious five star hotels within its highland. Some of the high-class hotels in the region include:
    • The friendly islander hotel
    • Hotel Nuku'alofa
    • Scenic hotel Tonga
    • The Fafa island resort
    • Treasure Island Eueiki Eco resort
    • Little Italy hotel and restaurant
    • Keleti international resort

    Tonga Culture and Cuisine

    The culture of Tonga has a great social privilege to the men than female where farming and fishing is the livelihood supporting the survival of the people in Tonga but education has exposed women to leadership. Women involve themselves in traditional activities like mat and bark clothes weaving while the men participate in wood carving, canoe-building and the traditional architecture. Both the church and the traditional dancing groups participate in several official occasions. Most of the foods consumed in Tonga are from the sea and the land as most populations are gatherers and hunters. Root crops such as cassava and yam are usually boiled and sauced with the coconut cream. Fish, sea weed, sea orchard, and vegetarian lobsters are the common sea foods, and several kinds of fruits such as mango and grapes, guava and apple are also consumed in the state.

    International and Domestic Airports in Tonga

    Some of the important airports of Tonga are:
    • Fua, Amotu international airport- Nuku'alofa
    • Vava, u international airport- Vava'u
    • Eua airport- Eua
    • Lifuka island airport- Lifuka
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    Flag of Tonga

    Facts about Tonga

    GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
    Independence Day4 June, 1970
    Area748 sq km
    CurrencyPa'anga (TOP)
    Dialling Code676