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    World Map / Information About Thailand

    Information About Thailand

    About Thailand

    The unified Thai kingdom (Thailand) is a Southeast Asian country found at the center of Indochina with Bangkok being its capital city and the largest city housing the main governmental offices. The Thailand's motto "Nations, Religions, King" while the country's national anthem "Thai National Anthem", the royal anthem "Thai Royal Anthem". Thailand flag five stripes of blue, white and red running horizontally and parallel to each other with the middle blue strip larger than the other four strips. Thailand's government is a constitutional monarchy under the rule of military junta with the monarch and the prime minister being the country's leaders. The official language Thai and the national assembly is the country's legislature. Buddhism is the country's religion and the country has various ethnic groups. Thailand together with other Asian countries are found on the Indochina time zone (UTC+7) and baht is the country's currency not forgetting that in Thailand drivers drive on the left side and the calling code is +66.

    History of Thailand

    Thailand country was not colonized despite the high pressure impacted by the European power. The word Thai was used by the ancient occupants of Thailand to mean "free man "or "land of freedom". People had occupied Thailand in the early centuries and henceforth, culture and the religion of India has influenced Thailand. In 1941, Thailand gave Japan the permission to pass its troops across Thailand to Malayan and later Thailand and Japan formed a military alliance and the Tokyo helped the country to regain the areas which British and French had occupied. In 1942, a war broke up among United Kingdom, Thailand and the USA in the move to help Japan fight his neighbors. In 1932, a constitution was drafted and was signed by King Prajadhipok. Thailand went through military power leadership from 1932 until 1997 when the elected assembly drafted the people's constitution allowing a bicameral legislature. Thailand held its first general elections under the 1997 constitution in 2001 where Thansin Shinawatra was elected as the president, and his government was the first to complete its four-year term. The highest election turnouts were observed during the 2005 general elections and in 2006; the initially ruling government under Thansin Shinawatra was overthrown by a military junta. In 2010, after a long leadership of the military, Samak Sundaravej reformed the government and in 2014, Thai army deployed its troops to the capital creating the martial law in Thailand.

    Geography of Thailand

    The Gulf of Thailand and Malaysia are found on the southern border of Thailand while Burma and Laos are in the northern. In the eastern side, the country is neighbored by Laos and Cambodia while Andaman Sea coastline runs along the western border of Thailand. The central parts of Thailand are covered with plains, while the southern regions are dominated by the Thai highlands and the Khorat plateau in the eastern region.
    Chao Phraya and Makong are the main rivers in the country where the Chao Phraya river drains into the Golf of Thailand while the Makong river drains into the Andaman sea supplying the people of Thailand with sufficient water.
    The highest point in Thailand is the Doi Inthanon at 2,576m.
    The Gulf of Thailand forms the lowest point in the country lying at zero meters below sea level.

    Climate of Thailand

    Thailand has tropical wet and savannah climate where south-west monsoon winds flow from May to September signalling the start of the rainy season, while the north-east monsoon wind flow from November to march showing the start of the dry span. The temperatures usually range from moderate 38°c to the low 19°c.

    Natural Resources in Thailand

    Thailand is rich in natural resources ranging from the mineral deposits such as manganese, coal belts, gold deposits, tungsten, lead, tin, zinc and other precious stones to the rich alluvial soils along the rivers and the natural gas deposits. Other parts of the Thailand are covered by the swamps and jungles and the tropical forests and fishing areas such as the Andaman oceans are also within the territory.

    Tourist Attraction in Thailand

    Thailand attracts numerous tourists from all over the world due to its wonderful cultural practices, tasty foods and other fascinating scenarios found in many parts within its territory.
    The top five cities of Thailand include:
    • Bangkok
    • Ayutthaya
    • Chiang Mai
    • Chumphon
    • Chiang Rai
    Ko Chans, commonly known as the quiet island, Ao Phra Nang, the most popular beach in Krab town, the floating markets near Bangkok, the Khao Yai national park, Sukhothai Historical Park, Chiang Mai Night Bazaar which sprawls along several city blocks are the Thailand's magnetic sites for tourist attraction.

    Famous Hotels in Thailand

    Bangkok is the place to live in style enjoying the pampering of the silver services in the luxurious five star hotels such as:
    • The Mandarin Oriental Bangkok
    • The Oriental Residence Bangkok
    • The Peninsula Bangkok
    • The Okura Prestige Bangkok
    • Sheraton Grade Sukhumvit Hotel
    • Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok

    Thailand Culture and Cuisine

    The culture of Thailand is highly influenced by the culture Buddhism where they follow the Theravada schools and use the WATS as the temple. There are several cultural practices and traditions that survive today such as the spirit house and the Thai boxing which is still the indigenous sport.
    Sweet, spicy, sour, bitter, and salt are the basic taste preferred in the Thai's cuisine where garlic spice, chillies and lime juice, lemon grass are the common ingredients. Rice is the staple food and the population of Thailand also depend on noodles, fried mains, soups and curies, salads and other vegetarian foods.

    International and Domestic Airports in Thailand

    • Mae Fah Luang International Airport
    • Hat Yai International Airport
    • Khon Kaen Airport
    • Buriram Airport
    • Chiang Mai International Airport
    • Don Mueang International Airport
    • Suvarnabhumi International Airport
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    Flag of Thailand

    Facts about Thailand

    Independence DayN/A
    Area513,120 sq km
    CurrencyBaht (THB)
    Dialling CodeN/A
    NeighboursCambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar