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    World Map / Information about Sudan

    Information about Sudan

    About Sudan

    Sudan is a place situated in an Arab country of North Africa. In Africa, Sudan is the third largest country. During the two internal wars of civil war and in the war on civility and the war in the Darfur region has suffered from rampant ethnic strife which has been plagued by internal conflict. The people of Sudan were suffering a lot from the human rights of ethnic cleansing and slavery of the nation. Islamic law is the legal system of Sudanese. The country has been separated by the independence referendum. It is the Congo of a democratic republic.

    History of Sudan

    In 8th millennium BC, the people led a sedentary way of life by hunting, fishing, gain gathering and cattle herding. The village is full of mud-bricks houses. The people were acquainted with agriculture and social hierarchy. In the next centuries it becomes the capital of karma.
    In the early 1770, Sudanís government becomes pro-western are starting to export food and cash crops. At a later period, the price of commodities becomes economic problem. A flood occurred in July 2007 40,000 people were affected. The internal conflict, stated between Areny of Sudan and the Sudan Revolution, which was resolved by the war in Darfur

    Geography of Sudan

    The red Sea of Northern Africa was situated at coastline boarding with 853(530mi). There are various types of borders attached to Sudan. Sudan is the area of 1,886,063km sq. 8 degree and 23 degree north is the latitude lies in it. Various types of mountains were present in the west of Derba Caldera situated in the Marrah Mountain which is the highest point present in the east of Red Sea Hills. Khartoum is created by the river Nile by forming blue and white Nile. In the South rain takes place for 3 months July to September. It is the semi-desert area in north and west where people near to River Nile, irrigation of crops takes place nicely. Transportation takes place by sheep and camels.

    Climate of Sudan

    Tropical climate is found in Sudan. Usually in summer season, the temperature rises to 43.3 degrees. The rainfall does not take place as per the requirement of people. In desert zones, the storms come very frequently. Generally in the central plain region, the temperature used to be high, but the humidity remains at lower degree. The annual rainfall occurs at 26.7degree.

    Natural Resources in Sudan

    The resources found in the country are copper, gold, cobalt, iron, lead, manganese, nickel, mica and chromite.

    Tourist Attraction in Sudan

    In Khartoum a National museum is located in Sudan. It has a great historical tourist attraction. A famous Buhner and Samna Egyptian temple are situated. The first establishment of military outpost Khartoum was in1821. It had become famous for glassware, statuary in pre-history period. In island names Tuti island which is presented in between the two branches of Nile Sonq is the place to visit on Friday morning and famous for the large number of Muslim Pilgram. Suakin island is 58km may from port Sudan and famous for beautiful architecture. Kassala is the famous for handicraft product by breeding camels and goats etc.

    Famous Hotels in Sudan

    • Acropole Hotels
    • Corinthia Hotels
    • Court Hotels, suites
    • Bangain villa guest house
    • Coral Khartoum hotel

    Sudan Culture

    The people are hospitable. They used to eat in a large quantity like vegetable, meat, salad and sauce dishes were presented on the plate. Jebena is the special tin used for drinking coffee and they often use sweet or special with ginger for their taste and they are used to drink in tiny cups or glasses. They are also conscious of their health for which they drink fruit and herbal (hibiscus) tea as popular and full-Sudan as popular snacks. There are 578 ethnic groups, for communicating there are 145 different types of language.

    International Airports in Sudan

    • Ethiopian Airlines
    • Egypt air
    • Ethihad, Sudan Airways
    • Turkish Airlines
    • Kenya Airlines
    • KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
    • Lufthansa
    • Royal Jourdannian
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    Flag of Sudan

    Facts about Sudan

    GovernmentGovernment of National Unity (GNU)
    Independence Day1-Jan-56
    ClimateTropical in south , Arid Desert in north
    Area1,886,068 sq km
    CurrencySudanese Pound (SDG)
    Dialling Code249
    NeighboursCentral African Republic, Chad, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Libya, Uganda