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    World Map / Information about Somalia

    Information about Somalia

    About Somalia

    Somalia is a country which is located in the middle of Africa. This country contains basically of plateaus, plain and highlands only. The country is situated between the Ethiopia, which is bordered beautifully. When we move to the east of Somalia there is the Indian Ocean and to the northwest, the Gulf of Aden. Its climatic conditions are hot through the year and there is always irregular rainfall. It is populated with approximately 10 million of people. The majority of its residents, around 85% are ethnic Somalis only those who know all history about the northern part of the country. Most of the people are Muslims, but the majority of was Sunni. In this country, many empires ruled over many years during middle age. They have also lost many battles. These countries face many problems, mainly of financial as well as economical too. It was reconstructed particularly the capital of Mogadishu.

    History of Somalia

    In the ancient time Somalia was the center of commerce. It is called that the country was among the possible locations of the fabled ancient Land Punt. In the Middle Age many rulers like Asjurana Sultanate, Adal Sultanate, Warsangali Sultanate and Sultanate of the Geledi rules over the country. In the late 19th century British and Italy established British Somaliland and Italian Somaliland under an agreement. Muhammad Abdullah Hassanís Dervish State defeated British and forced to retreat to the coastal region. But they were again defeated by the British in the year 1920. Italy kept acquiring the northeastern, central and southern parts of the territory and this occupation continued till 1942. Then it was again replaced by British Administration. Northeastern, central and southern Somalia formed United Nations Trusteeship on 1 April1950. But northwestern Somalia remained protectorate. On 1 July both the regions united and formed the independent Somalia Republic.

    Geography of Somalia

    Somalia is divided into eighteen region and many districts. Now the northern part of Somaliland was divided and named punt land and Somaliland. Whereas the central part of Somalia is emerged just south of punt land. Whereas Juba land is the very far region, but it is within the Laceration. The establishment of a new southwest state was held in 2014. In 2015 of April there was a launched for a new central region state. The parliament of Federal gave them a project to select an ultimate number and boundaries of the auto nous regional state.

    Climate of Somalia

    The climatic condition of Somalia is hot condition during the whole year round with monsoon winds and irregular rainfall. Mainly the temperature consists from 30 °C to 40 °C. In the northeast of Somalia there is less rainfall and in the central plateaus there is medium rainfall.

    Natural Resources in Somalia

    There are many natural resources like one ore, tin, copper, salt and natural gas. There is more oil reserve in Somalia, which lies in the Somaliland region. They also discovered a very large uranium deposits and other mineral reserves also.

    Tourist Attraction in Somalia

    Before the independence period, many Europeans explore occasionally visited Somalia to visit many historical sites. In 1969 the law was passed to conserve the forest and for the establishment of controlled areas, game yews etc. The Act of Tourism also passed in 1984. Its aim was to construct the coast as well as beach properties for making infrastructures. Moreover, many plans were prepared for the formation of a tourist resort area on the search in the south-central region. In 1989 many national parks, game reserves and special reserve were established. Most people come to the area at punt land and Somaliland to visit the northern part. Now with many new buildings were constructed, new hotels and guest houses also. The Famous tourist places of the country are:
    • Aula
    • Bar gal
    • Damo
    • Dhambalin
    • Eyl
    • Hafun
    • Laos Gaal
    • Zeil
    • Maydh
    • Al-Ja Zira
    • Baathela
    • Lids
    • Daallo mountain
    • Jilib National park
    • Lag Badana National park

    Famous Hotels in Somalia

    The famous hotels of Somalia are
    • Jazeera
    • Damal
    • Ambassador
    • Sahafi
    • Shamo
    • Mogadishu
    • Nasa-Hablod
    • Hadhwanaag
    • Egan
    • Maan-Soor

    Somalia Culture

    The culture of Somalia is an amalgamation of traditions in Somalia that were developed independently and through interaction with neighboring and far away civilizations. It includes other parts of Northeast Africa, the Peninsula, India, and Southeast Asia.
    The Somali language is the official language of Somalia. It is a member of the Cushitic branch of the Afro-Asiatic language family. The Somali is the best documented of the Cushitic languages. Somali art is the artistic culture of the Somali people. They do both historic and contemporary art. The artistic culture includes artistic traditions in pottery, music, architecture, wood carving and other genres. Somali art is characterized by its unionism. It is partly as a result of the vestigial influence of the pre-Islamic mythology of the Somalis tied with their omnipresent Muslim beliefs.

    Somalia Cuisine

    Somali cuisine varies from region to region and is a fusion of Somali, Yemeni, Persian, Turkish, Indian and Italian culinary influences. It is the product of the Somali people's tradition of trade and commerce. Some important Somali gracefulness include sabayad, lahoh/injera, halva, sambuusa, basbousa and ful medames. Breakfast is an important meal for Somalis. They often start the day with some style of tea (shh). The main dish is typically pancake-like bread. It might also be eaten with a stew or soup. Somalis traditionally perfume their homes after meals. Frankincense or prepared incense which is also known as bukhoor in the Arabian Peninsula, is placed on top of hot charcoal . It then burns for about ten minutes. This keeps the house perfumed for hours. The burner is made from soapstone found in specific areas of Somalia.

    International Airports in Somalia

    Some of the busiest airports of Somalia at a glance are:
    • Abudwak Airport (Caabudwaaq Airport)
    • Alula Airport
    • Baidoa Airport
    • Bardera Airport
    • Beledweyne Airport (Ugas Khalif Airport)
    • Berbera Airport
    • Borama Airport
    • Bender Qassim International Airport
    • Dolow Airport
    • Erigavo Airport
    • Eyl Eyl Airport (Eil Airport)
    • Abdullahi Yusuf International Airport
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    Flag of Somalia