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    World Map / Information about Solomon Islands

    Information about Solomon Islands

    About Solomon Islands

    Solomon Islands consist many islands in Oceania which is in east of Papua New Guinea & north west of Vanuatu. It covers 28000 sq.km. Honiara is its capital. Alvaro de Mendana, first European to visit Solomon island and he named it as Islas Solomon. At the time of the second world war Solomon main islands campaign witnessed the fight between United States & Empire of Japan in the Battle of Gudalianal. It got self Government in 1976. It is now a constitutional Monarchy and as Queen Elizabeth head of the state.

    History of Solomon Islands

    Archeological evidence suggests that the Solomon Islands have been inhabited since 1000 B.C. European Penetration began in 1568 when the Spaniard Alvaro De Mendana, exploring from South America, spent half a year in the islands.Believing that gold was present, he gave them a name of Solomons Islands, after the legendary King Solomons mines. From 1870, the islands were subjected to black birding when Kidnappers from Queensland and Fiji abducted Solomon islanders as labor for the Sugar plantations. The Solomon Islanders fought back fiercely, leading to slaughter on both sides. After the war the movement for self determination gathered strength. In 1974 the governing council approved that provided for a governor and a legislative assembly of 24 elected members. On 2 January 1976 the country became an internally self governing, proceeding to full independence on 7 July 1978.

    Geography of Solomon Islands

    The Solomon Island is a very wide island nation. Its distance from the eastern most and western most islands is nearly 1500 km. The Solomon Islands archipelago is part of two distinct terrestrial Eco religious. Almost all the islands are part of Solomon Island. These forests have great pressure from forest, forestry activities. The island is having a number of volcanoes, some of them are active volcanoes among the active volcanoes, tinakula and kavachi are the most active.

    Climate of Solomon Islands

    The islands ocean extremely humid throughout the year, it means temperature is 27 degree C or 88 degree F. June to August is chilled period time of the year. Though seasons are not pronounced, the north worthy wind of November through April bring more frequent rainfall and occasional squalls or cyclones.

    Tourist Attraction in Solomon Islands

    The famous tourist places of the country are:
    • Tenaru Falls
    • Marono lagoon
    • Mataniko Falls
    • Rennel islands
    • Kennedy island

    Famous Hotels in Solomon Islands

    The famous hotels of Solomon Islands are
    • Solomon Kitano Mendana hotel
    • Heritage Park Hotel
    • King Solomon Hotel
    • Pacific Casino Hotel
    • Honiara Hotel
    • Iron Bottom Sound Hotel
    • Zipolo Habu Resort
    • The Wilderness Lodge
    • Red Mansion Inn
    • Fat Boys Resort
    • Agnes Lodge

    Solomon Islands Cuisine

    Breadfruit, Banana, chicken, fish is special dish they prefer to

    Solomon Islands Culture

    The culture found in the Solomon island reflects how the extend of differentiation and diversity has among the group of people, which distinguishes their island, their languages, their topography and geography. Solomon Island includes society which lies outside the main region of Polynesian influence which is known as pollination triangle. In the traditional culture of Solomon Island, we could find age old customs which are 100 down from one generation to the next. Tovform the cultural values in the contemporary culture we could find traditional values and cultural practices in modern context.

    International Airports in Solomon Islands

    • Afutara Airport
    • Auli Airport
    • Avuavu Airport
    • Babanikina Airport
    • Anva Airport
    • Houiara international Airport
    • Munda Airport
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    Flag of Solomon Islands

    Facts about Solomon Islands

    CountrySolomon Islands
    GovernmentUnitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
    Independence Day7-Jul-78
    ClimateTropical marine
    Area28400 sq km
    CurrencySolomon Islands dollar(SBD)
    Dialling Code667
    NeighboursVanuatu, Nauru and Papua New Guinea