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    World Map / Information About Senegal

    Information About Senegal

    About Senegal

    The Republic of Senegal is a country of West Africa in the mainland of Eufrasia. It has got its name from the river Senegal bordering its east and north. It has a population of about 13 Million people with a tropical climate covering a land surface of 1, 97,000 sq. Km. This multiethnic nation is the land of Sunni Muslims and Sufis but French is the official language. "Machy Sall" is the president since April, 2012. It is rich in producing cash crops like peanuts, sugarcane, cotton, green beans, tomatoes melons and mangoes.

    History of Senegal

    In Early and pre-colonial Era Senegal was inhabited in prehistory times and has been continuously occupied by various ethnic groups. Islam was introduced through various rulers. It was ruled by Portugal, the Netherland and the Great Britain. France finally succeeded in battle of Longadem. On 4th April 1959 Senegal and the French Sudan merged to form the Mail Federation, which became fully Independent on 20th June 1960, and Leopold Sedar Senghor was proclaimed Senegal's first president in September 1960.

    Geography of Senegal

    Senegal, lies between 12° and 17° N and longitude 11° and 18° W. It is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the west, Mauritania to the north, Mali to the east, and Guinea and Guinea base to the south. It is a rolling sandy place rising to the foot hill in the south east. It has Nepen diakha of 1916ft and has many rivers like Senegal, Gambia, and Casamanace. The capital Dakar is the western most point about 560 km at a maritime place mark.

    Climate of Senegal

    The climate is tropical with pleasant heat and hot and humid weather along with south west summer winds blowing from December to April. From October to June there is an annual rainfall of 600mm. It has a maximum temperature of 30°c and minimum of 18°c and average of 25.7°c. The sunny and dry country has been a semi arid area.

    Tourist Attraction in Senegal

    Tourists from Europe and French come to this country. Beach and resort are the most attractive places. Wildlife and tours to natural places make the visitors happy. The famous tourist places of the country are
    • Beach and Cliffs and tauab Petitecote
    • Resort town of Saly
    • Dakar's local Pirogue
    • Photograph Saloune delta reserve

    Famous Hotels in Senegal

    • Terrou Bi Hotel
    • Madgue Hotel
    • .Residence Du Plateau
    • De La Poste
    • Annex King Plaza
    • La Demeure
    • Fleur De Lys

    Cuisines of Senegal

    Fish is very important along with chicken, lamb, peas, egg and beef. Peanuts are primary along with sweet potato, rice, lentils and various vegetables. Monkey bread, tea, coffee, sugar can often be served.

    Culture of Senegal

    The West African tradition of the people is seen in their culture, history and profession. French is their official language, but many speak different languages. Islam is the prominent religion in the country with 92% of countries' population. The majority of the people and their profession is passed down by generation by years of training.

    International Airports in Senegal

    • Capshiring Airport
    • Semantic Airport
    • Saint Levis Airport
    • Singure Airport
    • Kedougov Airport
    • Boulder Airport
    • Bakel Airport
    • Dodji Airport

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    Flag of Senegal

    Facts about Senegal

    GovernmentSemi-presidential republic
    Independence Day4-Apr-60
    ClimateTropical, Arid and Semi-arid
    Area196,723 sq km
    Dialling Code221
    NeighboursThe Gambia, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Mauritania