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    World Map / Information About Sao Tome and Principe

    Information About Sao Tome and Principe

    About Sao Tome Principe

    On the western equatorial coast of central Africa there is a small island in the gulf of Guinea named Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe. This Portuguese - Speaking Nation consists of two main island Sao Tome and Principe. It is the world's second smallest country with the population of l, 92,993 (2013) and it is also the smallest Portuguese - Speaking Nation. This volcanic fertile land is suitable for the growth of sugar, cocoa and rocas. This island has been named by Portuguese explorers in the honour of Saint Thomas.

    History of Sao Tome Principe

    This island was discovered by Joao de Santarem and Pero Escobar around 1470 but was inhabited very before the discovery. The country was initially named Santo Anto but its named was changed in 1502 to Ilhado Principe. The Portuguese established their colony with Aluaro Caminha in 1493 who received this land as a gift from the Portuguese crown.The settlers gradually started extensive agriculture and paid taxes to the Portuguese crown.This intensive process of agriculture forced laborers to work under unsatisfactory working condition, but it turned the island into a foremost exporter of sugar by mid of the 16th century and major exporter of cocoa and coffee by early 19th century.There was a lacking of investment by Portuguese companies in the production of cash crops who were occupying almost all of good farm lands. Finally the slavery was abolished in 1876. MLSTP was established in 1950s to gain independence and it finally succeeded on 12th July 1975 by Manuel Pinto DA Costa as the first president of the independent nation.

    Geography of Sao Tome Principe

    The world's second smallest country in the equatorial Atlantic off northwest coast of Gabon consists archipelagos and are of volcanic nature. Sao Tomes are 50 km long and 30 km wide while Principe is 30 km long and 6 km wide. The equator lies south of SoaTomes. Its grid location is 0°7'0" N 6°34'00" E. It has peaks of 3110 ft and has many swift rivers and lush forest. It is 2175 ft above the sea level. It has many crop land, radiating streams and surrounding terrain.

    Climate of Sao Tome Principe

    The climate is tropical i.e. hot and humid with an average temperature of about 27°c at sea coasts and 20°c at high altitudes. Its temperature rarely rises beyond 32°c. The nights are cool. The rainy season is found from October to May causing rain of 5000 mm.

    Natural Resources in Sao Tome Principe

    It exports cash crops like cocoa, copra and coffee. Other economic activities are fishing and production of consumer goods. It has exploration of petroleum and is also growing in other economic sectors.

    Tourist Attraction in Sao Tome Principe

    This African island country is near the equator. It is a part of volcanic chain. It has a rock and coral formation, beaches and rainforests. All the volcanic rocks attract many visitors to this country. The famous tourist places of the country are:
    • Pico, Sao Tome
    • Praia Jale
    • Roca Agostinho Neto
    • Roca Belo Monte
    • Roca S. Joao Angolares

    Famous Hotels in Sao Tome Principe

    • Pestana Sao Tome
    • Hotel Agosto Neto
    • Miramar By Pestansa
    • Hotel Priar
    • Pestana Ecuador
    • Hotel Residential Avenida
    • Hotel Praia
    • Hotel Cocoa Residence

    Cuisines of Sao Tome Principe

    The staple food found are fish, seafood, beans, maize and cooked banana. Its tropical food consists of pineapple, avocado and bananas. Coffee is utilized as a spice in various dishes. Omelettes are very popular.

    Culture of Sao Tome Principe

    It is a mixture of African and Portuguese influences. The official and national language is Portuguese as 98.4 % of people speak Portuguese. The other languages are Forro, French, English and Angolar. English is taught in schools. Almost all people are Roman Catholic, Evangelical Protestant, and there are some Muslims also. The dances Congo, tchioli, ballroom are famous cultural programs.

    International Airports in Sao Tome Principe

    • Porto Alegre
    • Santo Antonio
    • Sao Tome

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    Flag of Sao Tome Principe

    Facts about Sao Tome and Principe

    CountrySao Tome and Principe
    CapitalSao Tome
    GovernmentDemocratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe
    Independence Day12 July, 1975
    Area1,001 sq km
    CurrencyDobra (STD)
    Dialling Code239