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    World Map / Information About Samoa

    Information About Samoa

    About Samoa

    Samoa is an Oceania country of the western part of the Samoan island in the south pacific ocean. It was formerly known as western and independent state of Samoa. Samoa became independent from New Zealand in 1962.The two biggest islands in Polynesia of the Samoa are the Upolu and Savaii. In one of the islands among these two, the Upolu situated the capital city known as the Apia and the International Airport is known as Faleolo International Airport. European explorers because of the seafaring skills of the sampans called the American Samoa as "Navigator Islands". The official language spoken by the Samoans is mainly the English and Samoan is also spoken in American Samoa.

    History of Samoa

    Samoans originated from Austronesia. Jacob Roggeveen, a Dutchman was the first known European and he followed by French explorer Louis Antoine de Bougainville who named the Samoa as Navigates islands in 1768. The Samoans were also known to be engaged in headhunting in which a warrior took the head of his opponent his bravery. However, Robert Louis Stevenson wrote in his book "A Footnote to History: Eight years of the Troubles in Samoa "that the Samoans are gentle people. Britain sent troops to protect British Business Enterprises. The second Samoan civil war reached a head in 1899 at Apia. American and British Warships shelled Apia on 15th March 1899. The Western islands, the greater landmass became known as German Samoa.

    The German Empire governed the western Samoan islands from 1900 to 1914. There was only one Government in the islands which was governed by the German Colonial Administration as there were no kings and advisor. Department of External affairs was created to conduct New Zealand's foreign affairs. The second major incident came out that is the protest by mau in 1900 on Savaii. The New Zealand police attempted to arrest leaders in the demonstration, the officer began to fire in the crowd where 50 were injured by gunshot .That was known to be the Black Saturday in Samoa. There was amendment in the constitution in July 1997 by the government. In 2002, the Prime Minister Helen Clark apologized for the events of 1918 and 1929. Samoa celebrates 1st June as its Independence Day.

    Samoa was the first Independent state in the 21st century to switch to driving on the left. Samoa omitted 30 December from the local calendar and now its changes aimed to boost the nation by doing business with Austria and New Zealand.

    Geography of Samoa

    Samoa is 2,842km2 area having two large islands and is located in South of the equator. These two islands were the Upolu and Savaii. Upolu as the main island has nearly three quarters of Samoa's Population. Volcanism produced the Samoan Island, which is volcanically active with the eruptions in Mt. Matavanu which left 50km2 solidified lava. Samoa Hotspot as the source of Samoa islands is because of the result of mantle plumes.

    Samoan Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele announced his country to move to the International Date Line where the Samoa was previously located. The prime minister declared to move to the east of the country so that Samoa would lie to the west of the International Date Line. Various changes were made of 29th December in night to skip Friday and to follow on the day of 31st December which was Saturday.
    Apolima Strait, Aleipata Island and Nuusafee were the three islets of the Samoa and were surrounded in two and half (21/2) acres in an area of about 1.4km of South coast of Upolu.

    Climate of Samoa

    The climate was the monsoonal with an average annual temperature of 26.5 degree Celsius or 79.7 degree Fahrenheit. The rainy season starts from November and ends till to April. Samoa's one of the islands that is the Savaii which is known as the largest island of Samoa and also the sixth largest Polynesian island. 42000 people are the population of Savaii Island. The location of Samoa is within the Samoan tropical moist forests ecoregion. 80% lowland rain forests has been lost due to human habitation. 28% of plants and 84% of land birds are endemic.

    Tourist Attraction in Samoa

    The country has a number of attractive tourist place. Several national parks are there in both Upolu and Savaii. There are spectacular waterfall in the country. There are beautiful caves in both the islands. The beautiful lava rock has covered part of the Savaii. The village culture of the country is very interesting. The rules of the villages are very strict. The country has miles and miles of long beautiful empty beaches.

    Famous Hotels in Samoa

    1) Samoan Outrigger Hotel
    2) Tanoa Tusitala Hotel
    3) Coconut Beach Club
    4) Le Levasa Resort

    Cuisines of Samoa

    The people of this country eat taro, taro leaves, cooked green bananas and raw fish.

    Culture of Samoa

    Cultural customs of Samoa such as the Samoa'ava ceremony are the significant and solemn ritual at important occasions. Samoans mythology includes many gods with various stories and figures, some of the shamans adopted religion to Christianity as they were spiritual and religious, but the ancient beliefs also co-exist with Christianity so as to fete in with fo'a Samoa. Samoans relationship is based on respect. Around 98% were identified as Christian.

    Samoans live a communal way of life. Their basic languages were the English and Samoan. They have various traditional dances such as Siva, sasa which were performed with synchronized movements to the rhythm of wooden drums. These dances were performed, but the males and also fa'atapati are performed by males. The system of tattoo was also the culture of Samoan basically males tattooed from the knees up towards the ribs and the girls are given malu which covers from knees to upper things.

    The Samoans also had a contemporary culture where it descriptions about the great people, the traditional dancing styles of the Samoans but the Hip Hop culture in particular is popular amongst Samoan youth. King Kapisi was the first Hip Hop artist to receive the prestigious New Zealand APRA Silver Scroll Award in 1999 for his song Reverse Resistance.

    International Airports in Samoa

    • Faleolo International Airport in Asau
    • Esau Airport in Asau
    • Fagalii Airport in fagalii

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    Flag of Samoa

    Facts about Samoa

    GovernmentParliamentary Democracy
    Independence Day01 January, 1962
    Area2,831 sq km
    CurrencyTala (WST)
    Dialling Code685