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    World Map / Information About Saint Helena

    Information About Saint Helena

    About St Helena

    Saint Helena is a tropical island of volcanic origin in South Atlantic ocean, 4000km east of Rio de Janeiro and 1950 km west of southern coast of Africa. It is a part of the British Overseas territory. It measures about 16 by 8 km and has a population of 4225. It was named after Saint Helena of Constantinople. The capital is Jamestown, official language is English, its currency is Saint Helena Pound. The national anthem is "God save the queen" and "My Saint Helena Island". The national bird is wirebird, the national flower is Arum Lilly.

    History of St Helena

    Saint Helena is a small British Overseas Territory located in South Atlantic ocean. It is made up of three primary island groups including Saint Helena, Tristan da Cunha, and the Ascension islands. The islands were discovered by the Portuguese in early 1500s. Saint Helena is the place where Napolean Bonaparte was exiled after he was defeated. He lived there from 1815 until he died in 1821. Ascension island was used by the US in World War II to support long flights over the Atlantic ocean.

    Geography of St Helena

    Total size is 413 sq km, slightly more than twice the size of Washington DC. World region is Africa. These islands have resulted from volcanic activity associated with Atlantic Mid ocean ridge. The lowest point is Atlantic ocean, and the highest point is Queen Mary's Peak on Tristan da Gunha 2062m, Green mountain on Ascension island 859 meter. St. Helena is halfway between Namibia and Brazil. There are steep barren cliffs at coast and deep valleys towards the center of island. There are many seasonal streams and falls.The island is good for hiking.

    Climate of St Helena

    Despite the island's locality within the tropics, its climate is kept mild and equable by the South east trade winds. The trade winds blow from high to low making the weather so changeable, a dull rainy morning can often lead onto a bright sunny afternoon. The hottest months are from January to March. The coldest are between June and September. Rains usually fall from late march to early May.

    Tourist Attraction in St Helena

    Saint Helena's attractions are - 1. Jacob's Ladder (a 699-steps staircase)
    2. Museum of St. Helena
    3. Castle and its garden
    4. Longwood House(believed to be Napolean's abode in exile)
    5. Sandy bay
    6. Lot's wife ponds.
    Major cities in St. Helena are Jamestown, Georgetown, Edinburgh.
    Other places in St. Helena are Apple cottage, Botleys Lay, Brook hill, Ceymstaun, Coffee grove, East Lodge Bevans, Virgin's Hall, Rock farm, Pink Grove, Tristan Island settlement, Longwood etc.

    Famous Hotels in St Helena

    Famous hotels are- The wine country inn, Meadowood Napa Valley, Harvest inn, Wydown hotel, Southbridge Napa valley, El Bonita Motel, Eagle and rose hotel, Hotel saint Helena.

    St Helena Cuisine

    Popular dishes on the island include British Sunday roast, curry, black pudding, pumpkin stew and fishcakes. Fish and rice are staple foods. Pilau is a spiced curried rice with meat or fish. Fruits are pumpkin, coconut and banana. Coffee is widely taken and the island also produces a special distilled drink called Tungi spirit.

    St Helena Culture

    Saint Helena has a small population. In recent years the population has reduced as most "Saints" as they are known have migrated to UK or work on the Falklands, Ascension islands and Germany for job opportunities. Many saints are returning for employment opportunities that the airport construction is bringing. "Saints" are mainly descendants from European planters, Chinese workers, and slaves from Madagascar, Asia and Africa. "Saints" are known for their friendliness and hospitable nature.

    International Airports in St Helena

    Saint Helena does not have an airport, but Saint Helena airport is underway. Airport is proposed to open in 2016.
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    Flag of St Helena