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    World Map / Information About Rwanda

    Information About Rwanda

    About Rwanda

    Rwanda, officially the Republic of Rwanda is a sovereign state in central and east Africa. It is located a few degrees south of the equator. It is in the African Great Lakes region and is highly elevated. There are mountains in the west and Savanna to the east, with numerous lakes throughout the country. The capital is Kigali, official languages are Kinyarwanda, French and English. Its population has the highest density in Africa. Currency is Rwandan Franc.
    Earlier the national anthem was "Rwanda Rwacu" (Our Rwanda). Later it was replaced with "Rwanda Nziza".
    The national animal of Rwanda is African leopard and national flower is the Cactus.

    History of Rwanda

    Rwanda is known as "The nation of a thousand hills " because of its mountainous nature. It became independent on 1st July, 1962.
    In Rwanda history, for centuries, the Tutsi dominated the Hutus(90% of population). A civil war put an end to Tutsi power. Many Tutsi went into exile. There was large scale massacre of Tutsi. Even then, in 1990, a multi-party democracy was established . Later, a peace treaty was signed. Until then, thousands had died in the war. The President Juvenal had died in a plane crash in April, 1994. Ethnic violence broke out. The Tutsi rebels held 2/3rd of the country. In July, the Tutsi- dominated patriotic front named a Hutu the new President. About one million Hutu refugees flooded back to Rwanda from Tanzania and Zaire. Paul Kagame (sworn in April 2000) is the first Tutsi President of Rwanda.

    Geography of Rwanda

    Rwanda is divided by great peaks of upto 3000m which run from north to south. Every piece of land is under cultivation, except for parts of Akagera and higher slopes of volcanoes. The virunga volcanoes rising steeply from lake Kivu in west, slopes down to hilly central plateau and further eastwards to an area of marshy lakes. Karisimbi is the highest peak and the lowest point is the Ruzizi river. Lake Kivu is the country's largest main freshwater body. This river valley forms western boundary with Cango. There are also small lakes and rivers like Ruhondo, Burera, Muhazi, Ihema, Mugesera and river Akagera .

    Climate of Rwanda

    Rwanda is at high altitude. That is why the country has a pleasant tropical highland climate, with a mean daily temperature range of less than 2 degree centigrade. Temperatures vary considerably from region to region. On the central plateau, the average temperature is 21 degree centigrade. Rainfall is heaviest in southwest and lightest in the east. A long rainy season lasts from February to May and a short one from November through December. Given their elevation the cloud forests of northern Rwanda are generally moist throughout the year.

    Natural Resources in Rwanda

    Natural resources of Rwanda are gold, methane, cassiterite (tin ore), wolframite (tungsten ore), hydropower, arable land.

    Tourist Attraction in Rwanda

    Major cities of Rwanda are Kigali (capital), Ruhengeri, Gisenyi, Cyangugu, Kibliye, Huye, Gashora.
    Famous tourist spots in Rwanda are - Nyungwe forest, Lake Kivu, Nyamata church, Ntaraina church, Akagera National park, Volcanoes National park, Kigali memorial centre, National museum, Virunga mountain, volcanoes, Inema art center.

    Famous Hotels in Rwanda

    Major hotels are Step town motel, Hotel Muhabura, Grand Legacy hotel, Hotel Paradis Malahide, Kigali Serena hotel, Lake Kivu serena hotel, Hotel villa Portofino Kigali, Hotel Chez lando, Crorilla's nest hotel, The Manor hotel, City blue hotel, Lemiga hotel, Dereva hotel, Nobleza hotel, Hotel Isimbi, Hotel Okapi.

    Rwanda Cuisine

    Rwandan staples include bananas, plantains, pulses, sweet potatoes, beans, and cassava (Manioc). Other dishes are Ugali (maise paste), Isombe (mashed cassava leaves with dried fish), matoke (baked plantains), Ibihaza (pumpkin), Ikinyiga (Groundnut paste), Umustima wuburo (Millet flour paste). Most Rwandans do not eat meat more than a few times a month.
    Milk is a common drink. Also fruit juice, wine and beer. Women do not take beer or wine.

    Rwanda Culture

    Main languages are Kinyarwanda, English, French, Swahili. Rwanda is the most densely populated and poorest country. The people are usually Christians and Muslims. Major ethnic groups are Hutu, Tutsi and Twa. Over 90% of people work in subsistence agriculture and live in rural areas. Majority of Rwandans do not have indoor plumbing, electricity, running water etc.
    Traditional games of Rwanda are high jump, the board game igisoro and targeting with bow and arrow and sharp sticks. Most popular sport in Rwanda is Soccer (football).
    Rwandans celebrate major Christian holy days such as Christmas (December 25), Easter (March or April). They also observe other Roman Catholic festivals, including Ascension Day (forty days after Easter) and All Saints' day (1st November). Among traditional festivals a harvest ritual called Umuganura is still celebrated in August.

    International Airports in Rwanda

    Famous airports that ensure a good flight in Rwanda are- Bugesera International airport, Butare airport, Kamembe international airport, Gisenyi airport, Kigali international airport, Nemba airport, Ruhengeri airport.
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    Flag of Rwanda

    Facts about Rwanda

    Independence Day1-Jul-62
    Area26,338 sq km
    CurrencyRwandan franc (RWF)
    Dialling Code250
    NeighboursBurundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tanzania, Uganda