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    World Map / Information About Romania

    Information About Romania

    About Romania

    Romania is a unitary semi-presidential republic located in southeastern Europe, bordering the Black sea, between Bulgaria and Ukraine. It also borders Hungary, Serbia, Holdova . It is the seventh most populous members state of the European Union. Its capital and largest city, Bucharest, is the sixth largest city in EU. Its official language is Romanian. Its total land area is 233,391 sq km. The currency is Romanian Leu. The national anthem is "Desteapta-te Romane (translated: Wake up, Romanian). The national animal is Lynx (wild cat). The national bird is Great white Pelican. The national flower is Dog rose (Rosa canina).

    History of Romania

    The largest of the Balkan countries, Romania has dramatic mountain scenery and a coastline on the Black sea. Wallachia and Moldavia secured their autonomy in 1856. They were under the Turkish Ottoman Empire for centuries. The principalities united and adopted the new name of Romani. Soviet occupations led to the formation of Communist "People's republic" in 1947 and abdication of the King. In 1965, Romania became a socialist republic. Communist dictatorship ended in 1989. National Salvation Front took power in 1990. Romania's king Michael returned home in February 1997, 50 years after Communists had banished him.

    Geography of Romania

    Romania is slightly smaller than Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany) and is the 12th largest country in Europe. The country is halfway between the equator and north pole. Romania shares 1332 km with the Ukraine and Moldova to east and north. Bulgaria lies to the south, Hungary to the west. In southeast, 245 km of Black sea coastline provide an important outlet to Mediterraneaa Sea and Atlantic ocean. The famous river is Danube. Romania's natural landscape is almost evenly divided among mountains, hills and plains. These varied relief forms spread rather symmetrically from Carpathian mountains, which reach elevations of more than 2400 meters, to the Danube delta, which is just a few meters above sea level.

    Climate of Romania

    Romania has a temperate climate, similar to the northeastern US, with four seasons- 1. Spring is pleasant with cool mornings and warm days, 2. Summer is quite warm, with extended sunny days. It is cool in mountains 3. Autumn is dry and cool 4. Winters can be cold, especially in mountains. Average annual rainfall is 26 inches.

    Natural Resources in Romania

    The natural resources of Romania are land, petroleum, natural gas, salt, coal, iron ore, copper, hydroelectric power, oil, bauxite, non ferrous ores (Cu, Pb, Zn, Hg, In, Fe, Au, Ag, Mn, U, Cd etc) sulpher, rocks for building.

    Tourist Attraction in Romania

    Famous hotels are- Vila Vitalis, Boutique Fleurs de Temps, Conacul Archia, Pensiunea Ana, Guesthouse Ileana, Caro Boutique hotel, Griff hotel, Hotel Decebal, Restaurant- pensiunea Joker, Club vila bran, Hotel Insula, Hotel Maria, Hotel Astra, Hotel Christina, Kronwell hotel, Ioana Hotel, Ice hotel Romania, Rembrandt hotel etc.

    Romania Cuisine

    The Romanian cuisine is quite tasty inspite of disregarding the principles of healthy nutrition. The Greeks, Turks, Russians and Bulgarians, Hungarians have all contributed to it. There are many dishes like Chiftele(meatballs), Mititei (mixture of pork, beef, lamb), Toba (mixture of pig's organs), Drob (cooked lamb), sarmale (stuffed cabbage rolls), saramura (fish). There are desserts like Cozonac (sweet bread), Baklava (Pastry filled with nuts). There are wines like beer, Juica (brandy) etc.

    Romania Culture

    The name "Romania" reflects the influence of ancient Rome on the Nation's language and culture. Its three regions- Walachia, Moldavia, and Transylvania- in which it united, are relatively uniform. An exception is the Hungarian community in Transylvania which has its own language and traditions. The Roma (Gypsies), who are scattered throughout the country in camps, are culturally different.
    Traditional games of Romania are the blind old woman, little rabbits (similar to musical chairs), flowers (a quiz type game), water and fire etc.
    Football is the most popular sport. Other sports include handball, basketball, rugby, tennis and gymnastics, fencing, canoeing, chess etc.
    The various festivals in Romania are-
    Romania international Shakespeare festival, Bucharest of old, Bachata Romanian dance festival, Halloween, wine festivals etc.

    International Airports in Romania

    • Henri Coanda International airport
    • Cluj- Napoca International airport
    • Iasi International airport
    • Sibiu International airport
    • Satu Mare International airport
    • Oradea International airport
    • Arad International airport
    • Craiova airport International airport
    • Baia Mare airport International airport
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    Flag of Romania

    Facts about Romania

    Independence DayJuly 13, 1878
    Area238,000 sq km
    CurrencyRomanian Leu (RON)
    Dialling Code40
    NeighboursBulgaria, Hungary, Moldova, Serbia, Ukraine