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    World Map / Information About Poland

    Information About Poland

    About Poland

    Poland, officially the Republic of Poland, is a country in central Europe, bordered by Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Baltic sea, Kaliningrad Oblast and Lithuania. It is the 71st largest country in the world and 9th largest in Europe. It is also the 34th most populous country in world. Its capital is Warsaw, Official language is Polish. Its currency is Zloty. The national anthem of Poland is "Mazurek Dabrowskiego (Polski Hymn Narodowy" (Translation: March, march, Dobrowski) National bird is white stork. National animal is white-tailed eagle and the national flower is corn poppy with a black spot at their base.

    History of Poland

    A republic of upper central Europe, Poland's history goes back to 10th century AD. Partitioned in 18th century, it gained independence in 1918. Nazi invasion of Poland initiated world war II. The country was liberated in 1944. Soledarity movement led by Nobel Prize winner Lech Walesa played an important part in bringing down the communist dictatorship in 1989. Communist party was dissolved in 1990. Poland joined the European union on 1st may, 2004.

    Geography of Poland

    Poland is one of the biggest countries in Central Europe with area of 312,679 sq km. The country is bordering Germany to the west, the Czech Republic and Slovakia to south, Ukraine and Belarus to east, and Lithunnia and Russian enclave of Kaliningrad to northeast. Its northern frontier constitutes the Baltic sea. The Polish Plain covers the northern two-thirds of the country. Making up the plain are thick deposits of debris left by retreating glaciers during Ice Age. Lagoons, sandy beaches, and dunes fringe much of the Baltic coast inland. It contains numerous lakes, moraines and glacial hills, which in places rise to elevations of 1000 feet. The southern part of the plain is almost level lowland. The lowest point in Poland is near Elblag in north of country at seven feet below sea level. The Carpathians are a chain of young folded mountains stretching along the Polish-Slovakian border in southeast. Beskid ranges and rugged Tatra mountains are included. Rysy is highest mountain in Poland, rises 8199 feet in the Tatras.

    Climate of Poland

    The climate of Poland is moderate. It has the dual element of Maritime and Continental climate. The humid polar maritime air that flows from north atlantic brings in cloud and cold weather in summer whereas in winters there is fog and thaw. Poland also faces early spring and early winter.

    Natural Resources in Poland

    Natural resources are coal, sulfur, copper, natural gas, silver, lead, salt, amber, arable land.

    Tourist Attraction in Poland

    Famous cities of Poland are Warsaw, Kracow, Poznan, Wroclaw, Gdansk, Sopot, Zakopane, Karpacz, Gdynia, Auschwitz, Lodz, Wieliczka, Torun, Bydgsozcz etc.
    Famous tourist spots of Poland are- Wawel castle, Auschvitz- Birkenau, Masurian Lakeland, Slowinski Sand Dunes, Malbork castle, Wieliczka salt mine, Bialowieza forest, Gdansk old town, Warsaw old market place, Main market square of Krakow.

    Famous Hotels in Poland

    Famous hotels at Poland are- InterContinental Warsaw, The Bonerowski Palace, Sofitel Warsaw Victoria, Hotel Bristol warsaw, Radisson Blu Hotel Krakow, Andel's hotel Cracow, Mamaison hotel Le Regina.

    Poland Cuisine

    Polish food is very delicious and palatable. The most typical ingredients used are sauerkraut, beetroot, cucumbers, sour cream, Kohlrabi, Mushrooms, sausages, smoked sausage. Herbs and spices like marjoram, dill, caraway seeds, Paraley and pepper are used. A shot of vodka is there for digestion.
    Soups - Grochowka (thick pea soup), Zurek (sour rye soup with potato), Kapusniak (sour cabbage soup), Flaki wolowe (beef soup).
    Beef and veal - Eskalopki z culeciny(veal in a blanket), Ozor wolowy (soft-steamed beef tongues)Zrazy sawijane (Beef rolls stuffed with bacon).
    Pork - Karkowka (tender loin roasted), Kielbasa(Polish sausages), Kotlet schabowy(traditional breaded pork cutlet).
    Poultry - kaczkaz Jablkami (baked duck on apple), Watrobki drobiowe(chicken liver).
    Fish - Losos (Salmon with sauce), Pstrag(trout).
    Vegetarian dishes -
    Naleoniki (Omelettes stuffed with jam, fruit).
    Knedle (Potato dumplings).
    Side dishes - Frytki (chips), Kaoza gryczona(buckwheat groats).
    Sweet dishes - Faworki (Pastry twisters), paczki (doughnuts), Sernik (delicious fat cheese cake), Szarlotka (coke with apples).

    Poland Culture

    The population of Poland is around 38 million. The world war II toll on Poland was 6 million- including 3 million jews killed in Nazi death camps. More than 98% of people are poles, with small groups o Ukrainians, Belorussians, Germans, Slovaks and Lithunians. The Polish population is largely urban centric with 60% of the population living in cities. Warsaw, the capital has 1.7 million inhabitants. Polish culture is a diverse mix of east and west. Paper cutouts in Poland are famous for Christmas and Easter home decorations. In Poland, having a meal with the family is a celebration. Polish cuisine and dining table etiquette is famous. Polish are gregarious in character and love to show affection during interaction. Poland has a lively cultural scene with around 280 art festivals taking place across the country covering all types of music, film, video, theatre and visual arts.
    Polish take an active part in sports. Palant (baseball), Kapila (hitting a small stone pyramid with a stone), Kulanie kulotka (rolling a wooden disk to finish line of opposite team), Ringo, Pierscienowka(a sort of volleyball) are famous.

    International Airports in Poland

    Famous international airports of Poland are- Bydgoszcz I.J. Paderewski airport, Copernicus airport at Wroclaw, Goleniow airport of Szczecin, John Paul II Balice international airport at Krakow, Lawica airport at Poznan, Lodz Lublinek airport at Lodz, Pyrozowice airport at Katowice, Warsaw- chopin airport, Radom airport, Katowice international airport, Olszlyan- Mazury regional airport.
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    Flag of Poland

    Facts about Poland

    GovernmentParliamentary republic
    Independence Day11-Nov-18
    Area312,685 sq km
    CurrencyZloty (PLN)
    Dialling Code48
    NeighboursBelarus, Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine