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    World Map / Information About Pitcairn

    Information About Pitcairn

    About Pitcairn Islands

    Pitcairn Islands, officially named the Pitcairn group of islands, are a group of four volcanic islands in Pacific ocean. These four islands are Pitcairn, Henderson, Ducie and Oens. Only Pitcairn, the second largest island is inhabited and the least populous national jurisdiction in the world. It has only 56 inhabitants . Its capital is Adamstown. Languages spoken are English, Pitcairnese. Area is 47 sq km. Its currency is New Zealand dollar. Its national anthem is "Come Ye Blessed" and Royal anthem is "God save the queen".

    History of Pitcairn Islands

    Pitcairn Islands in Pacific, between Australia and South America, consists of island of Pitcairn and other three uninhabited islands, namely Henderson, Duicie and Oeno. Pitcairn was settled in 1790 by British mutineers from the ship Bounty. It was annexed as a British colony in 1838. Overpopulation took the settlement to Norfolk island, but about 40 persons soon returned. In 2004, there was a sex-abuse scandal. Four men were convicted. This scandal brought media attention. In march 2010, a new constitution was introduced. It gave the island an attorney general and human rights. In November 2013, Shawn Christian was elected mayor.

    Geography of Pitcairn Islands

    Pitcairn Islands is volcanic high island. Its neighbours, namely Henderson island is an uplifted coral island. Other neighbours, Ducie and Oeno are coral atolls. Pitcairn Islands has an area of 5 sq. km. Population density 10/ sq.km. It is only accessible by boat through Bounty bay. The other islands are at a distance of more than 100 km.

    Climate of Pitcairn Islands

    The climate is humid and tropical. Rainfall is moderate with no pattern, just a bit wetter in the winter. There are strong winds and typhoons from November to march.

    Natural Resources in Pitcairn Islands

    The natural resources are miro trees (used for handicrafts) and fish. Others- manganese, iron, copper, gold, silver and zinc have been discovered offshore.

    Tourist Attraction in Pitcairn Islands

    Adamstown is the smallest capital in the world. Pitcairn Islands museum is a good tourist attraction.

    Pitcairn Islands Cuisine

    The delicious foods include Yam, breadfruit, sugarcane, coconut, fish, pig, bananas and beans. Food is cooked in underground ovens wrapped in plantain leaves.

    Pitcairn Islands Culture

    Basket weaing using palm leaves and wood carvings, which is a popular craft, are done using wood from locally grown miro trees.
    Pitcairn's famous sport is tennis. There is also swimming, diving and Snorkeling.
    Among festivals, the famous festival is annual celebration of burning of the Bounty. Each year on 23rd January, a wooden model of HMS Bounty is set afire and towed across Bounty bay in memory of scuttling of the original Bounty after the mutineers found safe haven at Pitcairn.

    International Airports in Pitcairn Islands

    Totegegie Airport is the only one reachable for trip to Pitcairn Islandss. It is situated in Gambier islands.
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    Flag of Pitcairn Islands