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    World Map / Information About Paraguay

    Information About Paraguay

    About Paraguay

    Officially (the Republic of Paraguay) is a landlocked country in Central South America, bordered by Argentina, Brazil and Bolivia. Paraguay lies on both banks of the Paraguay river, which runs in the center of country from north to south. The country's capital is Asuncion, currency is Guarani and languages spoken are Spanish and Guarani. The total land area is 406.752 km sq. The national anthem is "Paraguayos, Republica o Muerte" (Trans. Paraguayans, Republic or Death) The national bird is bare-throated bellbird. The national animal is Pampas fox, and the national flower is Mburucuya, The population is 6,337,127.

    History of Paraguay

    The history of Paraguay is 10,000 years old. Eastern part was occupied by Guarani peoples for 1000 years before Spanish colonization of Americas. The Americans developed a semi- nomadic culture characterized by tribes, different languages, independent villages. The country's economy at the time made it unimportant to Spanish crown and the distance made it isolated. Paraguay declared its independence from Spain and since then, there is history of dictatorial governments. These suicidal governments nearly destroyed the country in warfare against Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay till 1870. The nation that survived formed the two-party (Calorado vs.Liberal) political system that persists till present day. In 1954, General Alfredo Stroessner overthrew the government, and ruled till 1989. Paraguay faces unemployment and a large number do subsistence farming .

    Geography of Paraguay

    Total size of Paraguay is 406,750 sq.km, slightly smaller than California. It is in South America. There are grassy plains and wooden hills east of Rio Paraguay, Gran Chaco region west of Rio Paraguay, mostly low, marshy plain near the river, and dry forest and thorny scrub elsewhere. Geographical lowest point is at junction of Rio Paraguay and Rio Parana 46m, and the highest point is Cerro Pero 842m.

    Climate of Paraguay

    Two-thirds of Paraguay is within the temperate zone, one-third in the tropical zone. The climate varies from mild to subtropical . Summer is from October to march, winter from May to August. There are dry, cold polar winds from south and hot, humid north winds from Brazil. There is no definite rainy season, although violent thunderstorms occur in summer.

    Natural Resources in Paraguay

    Natural resources are timber, iron ore,manganese, limestone, fresh water. It also has one of the largest titanium deposits in the world .

    Tourist Attraction in Paraguay

    Major cities are Asuncion (capital), San Lorenzo, Luque, Capiata, Lambare, Limpio, Itaugua etc.
    Among tourist spots, Asuncion is the most interesting with beautiful colonial architecture. Then there are Encarnacion ruins, the natural wonder Iguacu Falls, wilderness of Gran Chaco, Yaguaron church, and many more.

    Famous Hotels in Paraguay

    Famous hotels are- La Mision hotel, Guarani Esplendor, Hotel Las Margaritos, HG tower hotel, Sheraton Asuncion hotel, Brizas del norte, Adventure hotel San Ignacio.

    Paraguay Cuisine

    Meat, vegetables, manioc, maize and fruits are common in Paraguayan cuisine. There are many dishes based on corn, milk, cheese, meat and fish. There are seventy varieties of Chipa (cake) Corn is staple in cuisine. Beef meat and garnishes are common. For drinks there is mate, which is prepared with herbs. Rice, stewed chicken, noodles, groundnuts, fresh fava beans, pork, corn pudding tuberose ice cream are well eaten.

    Paraguay Culture

    The vast majority shares a Paraguayan identity, but there are several other cultures. There are Mennonites, who settled in northern region, Japanese,Korean, Lebanese, and ethnic Chinese immigrants. There are large number of Brazillian immigrant farmers in east, with the mixture, brasiguayos which is a distinct subgroup. Football (soccer) is the most popular game. Basketball, volleyball, golf and many other games are played.
    Among various festivals, there are Dea de San Blas (Feb. 3) in which Paraguay's patron saint is worshipped, Carnival, in which there are parades, singing and dancing, Verbana de san juan (28-29May), Trans-chaco rally, Nanduti festival, Oktober fest, which is a beer festival.

    International Airports in Paraguay

    There are Silvio pettirossi international airport, Juan de Ayolas airport, Guarani international airport, Filadelfia airport, Ihaipu airport, Dr. Luis Maria Argana International airport, Santa Teresa airport, Carlos Miguel Jimenez airport.
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    Flag of Paraguay

    Facts about Paraguay

    ContinentSouth America
    Independence DayMay 14, 1811
    ClimateTropical and Subtropical
    Area406,752 sq km
    CurrencyGuarani (PYG)
    Dialling Code595
    NeighboursArgentina, Bolivia, Brazil