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    World Map / Information About Panama

    Information About Panama

    About Panama

    Officially called the Republic of Panama(Spanish: Republica de Panama), is a country situated between north and south America. The word 'Panama' means, according to Panamanians, ' abundance of fish, trees and butterflies'. However, others believe the word comes from the Kuna word 'bannaba' which means 'distant' or 'far away'. Capital is Panama city. Currency of Panama is Balboa. Languages spoken are Spanish and English. Currency of Panama is Bal boa United states dollar. National anthem is Himno Istmeno (translated: Hymn of the Isthnus). National bird is Harpy eagle and national animal is golden frog. National flower is the Holy Ghost Orchid. The total land area of Panama is 75,517 km square and population is about 3,608,431.

    History of Panama

    Panama, a narrow strip of territory, separating north-south America. It was declared independent from Colombia on November 3, 1903. In 1979, Panama assumed sovereignty over Panama canal zone.
    Panama canal used to be a bone of contention between US and Panama.
    On 1st January, 2000, Panama took full control of the canal.

    Geography of Panama

    Panama is situated in the lowest region of Panama isthmus. It connects north America with south America. Panama has dense vegetation which includes rain forests and mangrove swamplands. Panama's neighbouring regions are Costa Rica, and Columbia. The republic of Panama includes nine provinces. Panama is surrounded by mountains from all sides. The most famous range is Cordillera Central. The highest point of Panama is the volcan baru which is a dormant volcano. There are five hundred rivers. Two well known rivers of Panama are Rio Chagres and Rio Chepo.

    Climate of Panama

    The climate is a tropical one. Temperature and relative humidity is high. Temperature is usually 24 degree centigrade to 30 degree centigrade. Rainfall is less than 118.1 inch. Rainy season is from April to December. Rainfall is much heavier on Caribbean side than on Pacific side. Nearly 40% of Panama is still wooded.

    Natural Resources in Panama

    Natural resources in Panama are shrump, mahogany forests, copper, hydro electric power, potatoes, beans, rice, corn and fruit.

    Tourist Attraction in Panama

    Famous cities are the Panama city, Tocumen, Las Cumbres, La chorrera, Pacora, Santiago de Veraguas, Vista Alegre, Changuinola, la cabima, pedasi, farallon, Portobelo, El valle, almironte etc.
    Famous tourist attractions are Playa las lajas beach, Isla taboga beach, Pearl islands, Amador causeway, Sendero los quetzals, santa catalane beach, san blas islands, coiba national marine park, Bocas town,and Panama canal.

    Famous Hotels in Panama

    Panama Marriott hotel, Continental hotel and casino, Le Meridien Panama, Hilton Panama, Hard rock hotel Panama megapolis, waldorf Astoria panama, Trump ocean club international hotel and tower, panama, Hotel Riu Plaza, Panama, Radisson summit hotel and golf, Doubletree by Hilton panama city.

    Panama Cuisine

    It usually comprises fried corn tortillas and eggs, roasted meat, fruits, coffee, meat, coconut rice, beans, fruits and vegetables (Yacca, squash, plantains), mango and coconut. A "San cocho" is stew with meat and vegetables. There is Empanadas (corn or flour pastries) potato, cheese. There is Carimanola (fried yucca stuffed with meat and boiled eggs), "Tamales" is a boiled corn dough stuffed with meat and served in banana leaves. There is "Salchichas" (sausages), Hojaldros (fried dough), Bistek Picado (chopped beef). There are also dishes like Arroz con pollo (chicken with rice), Corvina(fish), Sancocho (National dish of Panama= chicken soup). There are snacks like Patacones(fried green plantains), Caviche (raw fish). Desserts include Arroz con leche (milk rice) Flan etc.

    Panama Culture

    Panama culture is a blend of cultures of several ethnic groups. The notable races are Indians, Antillean blacks, Guaymi and Cuna. Culture of Panama is reflected in food, music, dances, religion. Roman Catholicism is religion. Black Christ festival is a big day of celebration. Panama has popularized certain forms of dances such as salsa, jazz, calypso, vallento and mento.
    Panamanians are serious in their festivals. Carnaval celebrations are done. In this festival there is dancing, music, food, drink. Semana santa(Holy week) festival takes place before Easter. New Year, worker's day, mother's day, Christmas are celebrated.

    International Airports in Panama

    Famous airports are Carti airport, Achutupo airport, El real airport, Augusto vergara airport, Captain J. Montenegro airport, Ustupo airport, Yaviza airport, Puerto Obaldia airport, Tocumen International airport etc.
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    Flag of Panama

    Facts about Panama

    ContinentNorth America
    CapitalPanama City
    GovernmentConstitutional Democracy
    Independence Day3-Nov-03
    ClimateTropical Maritime
    Area78,200 sq km
    CurrencyBalboa (PAB)
    Dialling Code507
    NeighboursColombia, Costa Rica