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    World Map / Information About Palau

    Information About Palau

    About Palau

    Palau is located in north pacific ocean some 2000 km north of Australia. The country is the fourteenth smallest nation in world. It is a combination of 200 islands in a chain running from northeast to southwest . Only eight are inhabited. There are gold deposits in the sea bed within 200 nautical mile economic zone claimed by islands. The capital is Koror on Koror island. The official languages are Palauan and English. Currency is US dollar. Area is 1632 sq km and population about 21000. National anthem of Palau is 'Belau rekid' (Our Palau). National bird of Palau is Palau fruit dove (Ptilinopus pelewensis). National flower is Rur flower(Bikkia Palauensis).

    History of Palau

    Palau consists of 26 islands and over 300 islets. In 1914 Japan was the occupier of Palau. Palau became part of the UN Trust territory of Pacific islands in 1947. USA was the dominant authority. Palau was proclaimed an autonomous republic in 1981, and later an independent republic on October 1, 1994. Palau became independent as a self- governing state and has become 185th UN member on 15th December, 1994.

    Geography of Palau

    The total size of Palau is 458 sq km, slightly more than 2.5 times the size of Washington DC. General terrain of Palau varies geologically from the high, mountainous main island of Babelthuap to low, coral islands usually fringed by large barrier reefs. Its lowest point is pacific ocean and highest point is Mount Ngerchelchuus 242 meters.

    Climate of Palau

    Palau has a tropical climate. Rainfall is heavy throughout the year, averaging 150 inches. Though rainy season is between July October, there is much sunshine. Typhoons are less, as Palau lies outside the main typhoon zone.

    Natural Resources in Palau

    Natural resources of Palau are forests, minerals (especially gold), marine products, deep sea bed minerals.

    Tourist Attraction in Palau

    Palau's main true city is Koror. Apart from it, there is Babel daob, Blue corner, Babelome kang, Ngeremdiu beach, Ulong beach, Giant clam beach, Carp island and Ngkesill island. There is also Airai, Melekeok (the capital city/ state), Ollei, Choll, elab, Ngkeklau, Imeong, Ibobang etc. Main tourist spots are Karor, Jellyfish lake, Rock islands etc. There is also national stadium in Palau apart from Meyuns, Ngerulmud.

    Famous Hotels in Palau

    Palau offers wold's most beautiful tropical paradise. Palau has fantastic reefs, caves and walls with a superb marine life. Palau is rated one of the best diving destination for scuba divers. The best hotels in Palau are- The Carolines resort palau, Palau Pacific resort, Palau Marina hotel, sunrise villa hotel palau, Cocoro hotel Palau, VIP guest hotel palau, West Plaza by the sea hotel palau, west plaza coral reef hotel palau, west plaza desekel hotel Palau, west plaza downtown hotel palau, west Plaza malakal hotel Palau.

    Palau Cuisine

    Palauan cuisine includes local foods as cassava, taro, yam, potato, fish and pork. Restaurants in Koror consist mainly of Japanese food. There is also Chinese, Koreans, Burgers, Pizzas, Pasta etc. There are also root vegetables, fish, pigs and chicken. Alchoholic drinks made from coconut and from the roots of kava plant is available.

    Palau Culture

    The name Palau is derived from the Palauan word for village, beluu(Pelew). Some trace the name to Spanish word for mast, palao. In Palau, ethnic palauans dominate, inhabiting the main islands. Descendants of Carolinean atolls, especially Ulithi are settled in the southern side of Hatohobei, Sonsoral, Fannal, Pulo Anna, and Merir. These southwest islanders speak nuclear Micronesian languages. Palauan and English is the official language.
    Baseball is the most popular game played at Palau. There are also sports like basketball, indoor and beach volleyball, beach wrestling, softball, swimming, athletics etc.
    Among the various festivals are International photo festival in march, Earth day on April 22, Constitution day on July 9, Independence day on 1st October, Thanksgiving on last November, Palau challenge Belau triathlon, Christmas.

    International Airports in Palau

    Roman Tmetuchi International airport is the main airport of Palau. It is located north of Airai in Babeldaot. Apart from it there are Angaur airstrip and Peleliu airfield.
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    Flag of Palau

    Facts about Palau

    GovernmentUnitary Presidential Democratic Republic
    Independence Day01 October, 1994
    Area459 sq km
    Dialling Code680