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    World Map / Information About Oman

    Information About Oman

    About Oman

    Oman is called officially the Sultanate of Oman. It is an Arab country in the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula. It's capital is Muscat. Official language is Arabic with main religion being Islam. Total area is 309,501 sq. km and population according to estimate is 3,219,775. Currency is Rial. National anthem- Ya Rabbana Ehfid Lana Jalalat Al Sultan (Translation : O Lord, protect for us our Majesty the Sultan) National bird of Oman is the falcon. Its national flower is the Poppy.

    History of Oman

    Islam had reached Oman long ago. Omans used to practice Ibadhism (austerity, tolerance) which is a major sect only in Oman. In late 18th century, newly established Sultanate signed first friendship treaty with Britain. Oman depended upon British advisors, especially for military, but it never became a colony.Qabus Bin Said- al Said is the Sultan of Oman since 1970.

    Geography of Oman

    Total size of Oman is 212,460 sq.km which is slightly smaller than Kansas. Oman is included in Middle East. It is comprised of central desert plain, with rugged mountains in north and south. Lowest point is Arabian sea, and the highest point is Jabal shams (2980 m). Oman has 1600 km of coastline and four natural regions- the coastal plain, Dhofar to south, a vast desert (central) and mountain range along north coast.

    Climate of Oman

    Climate of Oman is subtropical dry, hot desert climate with low annual rainfall. There is big difference in maximum and minimum temperatures.

    Natural Resources in Oman

    Natural resources of Oman are petroleum, copper, asbestos, marble, limestone, chromium, gypsum, natural gas, frankincense, steel, crude oil.

    Tourist Attraction in Oman

    Famous cities are Muscat, salalah, Nizwa, Sur, Sohar, Khasab, Jabal Shams, Ibri, Bahla, Wadi Shab, Tiwi, Nakhal, Masirah Island, Ras Al Jinz, Fanja, karsha, Sinaw etc.
    Famous tourist attractions are the Muscat city(capital), Nizwa castle, Nakhi castle, Bahla castle, wadi Shab, Wahiba, Jabrin castle, Wadi Ghul etc.

    Famous Hotels in Oman

    Famous hotels are Alila Jabal Akhdar (The green mountain), Inter Continental Muscat, Al Bustan Palace, The Chedi Muscat, Six senses zighy bay, Shangri-La Baar Al Jissah resort/ spa, Radisson Blu hotel Muscat.

    Oman Cuisine

    Most dishes across Oman have plenty of curry, cooked meat, rice, vegetables and also soups(both vegetarian and non-vegetarian) Important dishes are kebabs, machboos, Muqalab, Shuwa and Sakhana. Harees(Wheat mixed with meat) is very popular. Coffee is the national beverage. Other beverages are buttermilk, yoghurt drinks, and soft drinks. Chicken and Lamb are favourite foods.

    Oman Culture

    Western influences are quite restricted in Oman, which is 75% muslim. Alchohal is only available in few hotels according to the culture. Arabic is the official language. There are different dialects like balochi, southern Arabian, Swahili. English is second language. Apart from Ibadi form of islam, there is Shia islam and Sunni islam. Oman is famous for its hospitality.
    Among sports, traditional sports like camel racing, horse racing, dhow racing, falconry and bull fighting is popular. Modern day sports like soccer, cricket, sand surfing, basketball are becoming liked and practiced.
    The main festivals are - Muscat festival (February) is a celebration of cultural and artistic events, Salalah Tourism festival (July-August) is to celebrate the arrival of monsoon.

    International Airports in Oman

    Major airports of Oman are Adam airport, Buraimi airport, Haima airport, Fahud airport, lekhwair airport, Muscat international airport, Rustaq airport, Sur airport, Yibal airport.
    The major airlines that serve the country are Oman air, Gulf air, Emirates, Etihad airways, British airways, KLM Royal dutch airlines, Air Canada, Lufthansa German airlines.
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    Flag of Oman

    Facts about Oman

    GovernmentUnitary Islamic Absolute monarchy
    Independence Day20-Dec-51
    Area309,501 sq km
    CurrencyOmani Rial (OMR)
    Dialling Code968
    NeighboursSaudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen