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    World Map / Information About Northern Marianas Islands

    Information About Northern Marianas Islands

    About Northern Marianas Islands

    Officially the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana islands is one of the two territories with commonwealth status, the other is Puerto Rico. It has a landmass of 183.5 sq.miles. About 53,883 people reside in Northern Mariana Islands. Capital is Capital Hill (on Saipan), Official languages are English, Chamorro and Carolinian. Currency is United states dollar. National anthem- Gi Talo Gi Halom Tasi (translation- In the middle of the sea). National bird is mariana fruit dove. National flower is the Plumeria flower.

    History of Northern Marianas Islands

    The Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan was the first European to arrive on Marianas. In 1565 Miguel Lopez de Legazpi proclaimed Spanish sovereignty. Later British adventurer Thomas Cavendish arrived there for trade. Europeans provided ironware and cloth in exchange for fresh produce, but they also spread many infectious diseases which led to deaths. Spanish wished to make these islands their colony. Jesuit priest Diego arrived in 1668 and named the islands Marianas in honour of the regent of Spain. There were revolts due to resistance of islanders, against foreign culture.

    Jose Quiroga, the governor, subdued the islanders after revolts, murder of missionaries, and burning of churches (Chamorro Wars). Finally Spanish customs were accepted. The villages were taught various arts from Spanish artisans. Later Spanish empire weakened due to German interference and the islands were handed to Germany. After world war I, Japanese took over Northern Marianas by Treaty of Versailles in 1919. But later, due to world war II, the three islands became allied bases for bombing of Japanese islands (atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were flown from an airbase at Tinian) After that, United States took over.

    Geography of Northern Marianas Islands

    Total size of these islands is 477 sq.km, which is 25 times the size of Washington DC. It's world region is Oceania. Southern islands are limestone with level terraces and fringing coral reefs, northern islands are volcanic. Lowest point is pacific ocean and highest point is an unnamed location on Agrihan(965 m) The island is located in Pacific ocean between Hawaii and the Philippines. There are 15 islands to make up the territory.

    Climate of Northern Marianas Islands

    The climate is pleasantly warm and typically tropical marine type. December to June are dry seasons. Rainy season is from July to October. The island is vulnerable to typhoons. Showers occur all the year.

    Natural Resources in Northern Marianas Islands

    Natural resources include Coal, crude oil, liquefied Petroleum gas, etc.

    Tourist Attraction in Northern Marianas Islands

    Major tourist attractions are American Memorial Park, House of Taga, Tonga cave, Mount Tapochau, Kalabera cave, Managaha island. Major cities are Saipan, San Jose, Carolinas Heights, Pagan village, Agrihan village and Alamagan village

    Famous Hotels in Northern Marianas Islands

    There are many good hotels like- Hyatt Regency Saipan, Aqua Resort club Saipan, Rota resort and country club, Saipan world resort, Fiesta resort and spa Saipan, Kanoa resort saipan, Pacific islands club, Century Hotel, Himawari hotel, Chalan Kanoa beach hotel, Summer holiday hotel, Finasisu airport hotel, Gold beach hotel, Micro beach hotel, Stanford resort hotel.

    Northern Marianas Islands Cuisine

    It includes a variety of dishes made of porkmeat,poultry, horse meat and other land mammals. Bats, mice, rats, lizards (Skinks, Geckoes) are staple diets. Copra (dried meat of coconut) is popular. There are sea cucumbers also. Whale's meat is liked and meat of other fishes. Coconut oil is mainly used for cooking. Chefs of the islands take pride in presenting traditional dishes to foreigners.

    Northern Marianas Islands Culture

    Half of the people are resident aliens from South Korea, China and Philippines. These islands also contain several Spanish and American influences in addition to the original Chamorro and Carolinian cultures.
    Among games, baseball is most popular. Basketball, mixed martial arts, volleyball, tennis, soccer, softball, rugby, golf, boxing, kickboxing, swimming, triathlon, and American football are widely practiced.
    Among festivals, there are Tinian Hot Pepper festival in February, Marianas cup beach volleyball festival, Sweet Potato festival, Marianas winds kite festival, Marianas international food festival and beer garden, Christmas.

    International Airports in Northern Marianas Islands

    Saipan international airport and Rota international airport handles all international flights (Tinian international airport). There is also Pagan airstrip and Kobler Field airport.
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    Flag of Northern Marianas Islands