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    World Map / Information About Norfolk Island

    Information About Norfolk Island

    About Norfolk Island

    Norfolk Island is a small island in Pacific ocean located between Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia. The Norfolk Island pine, a symbol of island pictured in its flag is a striking evergreen tree native to the island. Norfolk Island has played a brief role in the history of Britain's colonial activities in Australia. Capital is Kingston. Official languages are English and Norfuk. National anthem is (Official) God save the queen/ (Unofficial) Pitcairn anthem. Norfolk Island's currency is Australian bank notes and coin.

    History of Norfolk Island

    Captain James Cook was the first known European to discover Norfolk Island. He named the island Norfolk after the Duchess of Norfolk, wife of Edward Howard, 9th Duke of Norfolk. The island was uninhabited at the time of its discovery, evidence of Polynesians has since been found. On Jan. 1788 Lieutenant Philip Gidley King came to Norfolk to take its control. He reported that the island's pines were most beautiful in world and suitable for masts, yards and spars, but soon the idea was abandoned Norfolk Island was seen as a farm and suitable for provision of food for Sydney. Convicts cultivated the ground and planted crops of vegetables and seeds. A colonial convict settlement began in 1825, and place was found suitable for punishment of convicts. Later 194 people, including descendants from Bounty, arrived on the island from Pitcairn Island on 8th June 1856. They brought with them a language, and some wonderful music ad songs. The Pitcairn anthem is sung on special occasions.

    Geography of Norfolk Island

    Norfolk Island is located in South Pacific ocean. It has area of 34.6 sq. km. with no large-scale internal bodies of water and 32 km of coastline. The highest point is Mount Bates(319 meters above sea level) The land is suitable for farming and agriculture. The coastline consists of cliff faces. A downward slope exists towards Slaughter Bay and Emily Bay with no safe harbor facilities. The area surrounding Mount Bates is preserved as Norfolk Island national park. The major settlement is Burnt Pine, located along Taylors road where major shopping center, post office etc. are located.

    Climate of Norfolk Island

    Marine subtropical climate, which is a mild one. The temperature is usually between 10 degree centigrade and 26 degree centigrade. Fish is the only major natural resource of Norfolk Island.

    Tourist Attraction in Norfolk Island

    Some of the significant places to visit in Norfolk Island are Norfolk Island museums. There are museums like Commisariat store, Pier store and the House museum. There are also buildings like Old Military Barracks, New Military Barracks and ' The officers' Bath which provide an insight into the architectural style of the era. There are also bays and beaches like Slaughter bay, Anson bay, Emily bay etc. The Norfolk Island beach store is another important sightseeing spot. The Norfolk Island botanic gardens attain a majestic grandeur for a visit. St. Barnabas chapel and the Officers' bath is also a good attraction. Burnt Pine and Kingston are major towns in Norfolk Islands worth a visit.

    Famous Hotels in Norfolk Island

    Endeavour Lodge, Anson Bay Lodge, The Tin sheds, Governors Lodge Resort hotel, Whispering Pines cottages and Selwyn cottage.

    Norfolk Island Cuisine

    Seafood is the staple meal. Seafood is served in most restaurants which includes fresh fish. Traditional dishes which are served are the Pilhai, the hihi pai and the mudda. Most traditional dishes are based on Polynesian recipes. The Island's cuisine is very much influenced by Australian one and the New Zealand's diet. Pilhi (savoury banana slice made with green or ripe bananas, salt and flour), mudda (green banana dumplings in coconut milk) Norfolk Island chefs are passionate about their traditional dishes and take pride in presenting them to foreigners.

    Norfolk Island Culture

    The current population of approx. 1500 people comprises majorly of Norfolk Islanders, Australians and New Zealanders. Here, there is a natural entwining and progression of people and their cultures. There is a blend of Polynesia and European. Norfolk Island has competed in eight of the eighteen previous commonwealth games from 1986. The games played at Norfolk Island are fishing, archery, soccer, squash, hiking, scuba diving, snorkeling, Kayaking, rugby, football and golf. Various festivals are Ukuelele music festival, theatre festival, food festival, jazz festival, Christmas parade and pageant, Government house charity open day, thanksgiving festival etc.

    International Airports in Norfolk Island

    Norfolk Island airport is the only one in Norfolk Island. Norfolk Island international airport handles both domestic and international flights.
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    Flag of Norfolk Island