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    World Map / Elections / Comoros Election Result 2016

    Comoros Election Result 2016

    Date of Elections in Comoros

    Comoros Date of Elections : Sunday 21, February 2016.

    Comoros Elections 2016 for Presidential of the Union

    There is 33 seats for Elections. Term of Elections in Comoros is 4 years. Elections held in Comoros after every 4 years. Last Presidential of the Union Elections held in Comoros in 7 November 2010 and 26 December 2010. Dhoinine Ikililou won Elections by 61.1% of total votes. According to the servey 2014(EST) Comoros have 766,865 population out of which 363,967 are registered voters in which 395,176 numbers are of female voters.

    Political Parties in Comoros

    List of Major Political Parties in Comoros for Presidential Elections 2016.
    Political PartyLeader
    Mouvement pour law Democratie et le Progress (MDP-NGDC)Abbas DJOUSSOUF
    Front National pour la Justice (FNJ)Ahmed RACHID
    Parti Comorien pour la Democratie et le Progress (PCDP)Ali MROUDJAE
    Convention for the Renewal of the Comoros (CRC)AZALI Assowmani
    Camp of the Autonomous Islands (CdIA)N/A
    Rassemblement National pour le Development (RND)Omar TAMOU, Abdoulhamid AFFRAITANE

    CandidateMohéli primaryNational election
    Ikililou Dhoinine378528.1911127961.12
    Mohamed Said Fazul308022.945943732.65
    Abdou Djabir13279.88113396.23
    Bianrifi Tarmidi12509.31 
    Saïd Dhoifir Bounou11548.59 
    Hamada Madi Bolero10607.89 
    Mohamed Larifou Oukacha9777.28 
    Mohamed Hassanaly5233.9 
    Abdoulhakim Ben Allaoui2081.55 
    Zahariat Saïd Ahmed630.47 
    Invalid/blank votes39113812
    Last Updated : January 16, 2016