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    World Map / Information About Cook Islands

    Information About Cook Islands

    About Cook Islands

    Cook Islands is an Island country in the South Pacific Ocean having its capital Avarua. National Anthem : God is Truth (Rarotongan : "Te Atua Mou E"), National Flower : Tiare māori, ranks 217th in the world in terms of land area and 234th in terms of population.

    History of Cook Islands

    Earliest record of habitation of the Cook Islands is from the 6th Century. The Polynesian people of Tahiti migrated to the island. They were the first settlers. The islands were first explored by the Europeans in the year 1595 by the Spanish. Later it was again sighted by Captain Cook. In honour of the captain the Russians first put the location on the map and named it Cook Islands.

    In 1821 Christianity was introduced to the country and the religion quickly took hold. To this day there are many Christians from that time. In the 1900’s by the joint decision of the chiefs of all the islands a decision was reached that the country would be annexed by the British as part of their territories. In 9th October 1900 the islands were officially a part of the British Empire. The governing of the Islands were left to New Zealand a part of the British Empire at that time. In 1948 when New Zealand became an independent nation, it gave the choice to the country to either achieve self-government or be in free association with the country. The country chose free association and has been a part of the New Zealand territory ever since.
    At present the country is a group of fifteen islands and is in free association with New Zealand. The country is a major tourist spot with lots of beaches and commercial marine items for sale.

    Geography of Cook Islands

    The country is an island. As such it is a formation of atolls, a geographical feature.
    1) It has low coral atolls in the north.
    2) There are volcanic mountains in the south.
    3) The Islands in the south are also comprised of hills.
    Being an island the country shares it borders with no other country.
    The highest point of Cook Islands is Te Manga 652 m and the lowest point is Pacific Ocean 0m.

    Climate of Cook Islands

    Cook Islands have a very pleasant tropical oceanic climate. This makes it an ideal place for tourism. The climate is moderated by the trade winds.

    Natural Resources in Cook Islands

    The country is devoid of natural resources. To support an economy the country has given Exclusive Economic Zone privileges to the country of New Zealand. The country can officially make use of any natural resource available in the waters of the country up to a distance of 200 nautical miles from the mainland. There are no natural resources in the country.

    Tourist Attraction in Cook Islands

    Being a country ideal for tourism it has may beautiful locations scattered around the 15 islands. Some of them are Aitutaki Lagoon (Aitutaki), One Foot Island (Aitutaki), Te Vara Nui Village (Muri), Titikaveka Beach (Titikaveka), Cook Island Christian Church (CICC) (Avarua), Matutu Brewery (Rarotonga), Muri Lagoon (Rarotonga).

    Famous Hotels in Cook Islands

    These hotels provide the best places to stay over in the country
    • Rumours Luxury Villas and Spa
    • Pacific Resort Aitutaki
    • Aitutaki Lagoon Resort & Spa
    • Pacific Resort Rarotonga
    • Crown Beach Resort & Spa
    • Etu Moana
    • Aitutaki Escape

    Cook Islands Cuisine

    There a huge variety of fresh fruits grown in the Cook Islands. The cuisine of Cook Islands is mainly comprised of sea food. They are served with a variety of servings such as fresh ginger, garlic, basil and coconut. Coconut is the most widely grown and consumed fruit. The main diet of Cook Islands include arrowroot, clams, octopus and taro. Rukau is a dish of taro leaves cooked with coconut sauce and onion. Other dishes include Puaka and Ika Mata made from pork and fish respectively.
    Most of the food is imported from New Zealand. However there are a few groups in the island who cultivate crops.

    Cook Islands Culture

    The ethnicity of the country is mainly Polynesian people and it is their culture that dominates the island. Christianity is the chief religion that is practiced after it was introduce in 1821.
    The main sport of the country is Rugby Football. They a national team for the same. In addition to that netball, sevens rugby, weightlifting and powerlifting, table tennis, Tae Kwon-Do, and volleyball are also played in the country and each has their own association.
    The major festivals of the country are New Year's Day, Day after New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, ANZAC Day, Queen's Birthday, Rarotonga Gospel Day, Constitution Day (Te Maevea Nui Celebrations), Gospel Day, Christmas and Boxing Day.

    International and Domestic Airports in Cook Islands

    There is one international airport into the country that serves as a gateway to all the fifteen islands. It is Rarotonga International Airport.
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