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    World Map / Information About Comoros

    Information About Comoros

    About Comoros

    Comoros Islands officially the Union of the Comoros (Comorian: “Udzima wa Komori), is a sovereign archipelago island nation in the Indian Ocean, has its capital in Moroni, on Grande Comore Island. National Anthem The Unity of the Great Islands (Comorian:"Udzima wa ya Masiwa"), ranks 181st in the world in terms of land area and 165th in terms of population.

    History of Comoros

    The Comoros Islands have been inhabited since the sixth century, although there are claims that it might have been inhabited by humans as early as the first century. There is no concrete evidence to support that claim though.
    In the medieval ages, Comoros Islands started trading with the Arabs. From then on there was the influence of the Arabs on the Island. The Comoros Islands people sent an emissary to Mecca to learn about Mohammed the Prophet and to find out about his teachings. The prophet was however dead when the emissary reached but was successful in learning the doctrines of Islam. When he returned he preached the word of Islam to the Island dwellers.
    During the 16th century Comoros Island was first visited by the Europeans. The island was invaded by Malagasy warriors for taking back slaves. In 1841 the French established colonies in the Island. They introduced and cultivated ylang-ylang, vanilla, coffee, cocoa bean, and sisal.
    In the early 1900’s the Sultan abdicated the throne for the country in favour of French administration. Comoros Island was placed under the Madagascar administration of the French.Later in 1973 a conclusion was reached and the verdict was that three of the islands comprising Comoros Islands would attain freedom, while one island remained under French administration.
    After freedom the country has faced many coups d'état and that has caused an immense drain in the resources of the country. Almost half the population lives below the international poverty line.

    Geography of Comoros

    The Comoros Islands are a group of four Islands in the Indian Ocean. They are namely Grande Comore, Anjouan, Moheil and Mayotte.
    1) There is one active and another dormant volcano in the country.
    2) The interiors of the country vary from steep mountains to low hills.
    3) It shares borders with none as it is an island country.
    The highest point in the country is mountain at Karthala 2,360 m above sea level. It is the active volcano of the country. The lowest point is Indian Ocean 0m.

    Climate of Comoros

    The climate experiences a tropical marine climate. It experiences a wet season ranging from the month of November to May.

    Natural Resources in Comoros

    There aren’t many resources inside the country. The only resource of commercial value is spices.

    Tourist Attraction in Comoros

    The islands are a host to many diversified cuisines that attract a lot of tourists around the world. The famous places for visiting on the islands are Chomoni Beach (Grande Comore), Mount Karthala, Bouni Beach (Grande Comore), Grand Mosque du Vendredi (Moroni), Nioumachoua Beach (Fomboni), Mosquee du Vendredi (Moutsamoudou), Chindini Beach (Grande Comore).

    Famous Hotels in Comoros

    These are a list of hotels that provide boarding facilities for travellers.
    • Moheli Laka Lodge
    • Itsandra Beach Hotel
    • Retaj Moroni Hotel
    • Hotel Al Amal
    • Moifaka Studio Hotel
    • Maloudja Beach Bungalows

    Comoros Cuisine

    The cuisine of this country is the major attraction. Because of having such a long history with the world its cuisine has been enriched by the influence of countries that visited it since ancient times.
    The cuisine of Comoros has been enriched by the influence of African, Indonesian, Madagascar, Persian Gulf, Portuguese, French and Arab. The main course of the cuisine having a predominant French influence is rice with some preparation of meat. The food is seasoned with the variety of spices that are found on the islands, such as vanilla, coriander, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg. Fish dishes like the one called “Langouste a la vanille” a very rich dish made with lobster boiled in vanilla sauce are also very famous.

    Comoros Culture

    The culture of the country is mainly dominated by the African-Arab influence. More than 90% of the people belong to that category. There are a small number of Malagasy (Christina) and Indians(Ismaili) present.
    Religion of the country is predominantly Sunni Muslim, there is a minority of Roman Catholic.
    The major celebrations and festivals of the country are
    • New Year both 1st January and Islamic new year
    • Independence Day 6th July
    • Eid al-Adha
    • Eid al-Fitr
    • Christmas Day

    The sports of Comoros Islands are football, basketball and athletics. The Comoros have a National team and they participate in a few of the cups held in the Indian Ocean Region.

    International and Domestic Airports in Comoros

    There are four major airports in the Comoros. One of them is international. They are as follows
    • Ouani Airport
    • Mohéli Bandar Es Eslam Airport
    • Iconi Airport
    • Prince Said Ibrahim International Airport
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    Flag of Comoros

    Facts about Comoros

    Independence Day06 July, 1975
    ClimateTropical marine
    Area2,235 sq km
    CurrencyComorian franc (KMF)
    Dialling Code269