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    World Map / Information About Cocos Islands

    Information About Cocos Islands

    About Cocos Islands

    Cocos Island officially Territory of Cocos (Keeling) Island has it capital in the West Island. National Anthem Maju Pulu Kita ("Our developed island"), ranks 252nd in the world in terms of land area and 252nd in terms of population.

    History of Cocos Islands

    Cocos Islands were discovered in 1609 by William Keeling. It was an uninhabited Island. Initial settlement started in 1814 by Alexander Hare. He was driven out of the Island and the ownership was taken by John Clunies-Ross family two years later. It was during this time that Charles Darwin Visited the place and wrote a book about the formation of atolls based on his study there.

    The Cocos Islands were annexed by the British in the late 1800’s and the Clunies-Ross family was given full ownership of it.
    The Cocos Islands played a very strategic part both the World Wars. In World War One, the Coco’s Islands were attacked by the Germans. The Germans were successful in sabotaging the radio towers but were late as a distress call had already been sent. Sydney intercepted the message and sent in support teams. The German ship Emden was hit and sunk in the sea. Germans had heavy casualties and were forced to surrender there.

    In the Second World War too, the Cocos Island played a major role. It was with the help of the radio towers that the Y-service an intelligence unit active at that time were able to find their way. The Island was fortified and airstrips were built in the Island to assist in bombing of the Axis forces. It proved to be a major strategic location.
    In the present day Cocos Islands are controlled by Australia. It was decided on a vote held in 1957 that the Island would be taken over by Australia. It has a very well-known national park that attracts a lot of tourists every year.

    Geography of Cocos Islands

    The Cocos Islands are atolls formed in the Indian Ocean. They have two major Islands, the Home Island and the West Island.
    1) The Northern Island is one atoll.
    2) The Southern Island is a group of 24 small islands making an atoll.
    3) It has flat low-lying corals, and long beaches.
    4) It has a vegetation of coconut palms and other tropical vegetation.
    5) Only two of the islands are populated.
    Nearest land is the Destination Island. Other than that is the Christmas Island.
    Highest point in the country is an unnamed location 5m above the sea level. Lowest point is the Indian Ocean 0m.

    Climate of Cocos Islands

    Climate of the Christian Island is pleasant all year round due to influence of the South-East trade winds. It helps in keeping a warm climate throughout the year. The Cocos Islands are also subject to tropical cyclones as well.

    Natural Resources in Cocos Islands

    Natural resources are fish and beaches.

    Tourist Attraction in Cocos Islands

    The most populated village is Bantam in Home Island. The various tourist attractions are Cocos Dive Day Trips, Cocos Islands Motorized Canoe Safari, Cocos Keeling Islands Visitor Centre, Pulu Keeling National Park, Island Explorer Holidays - Private Day Tours (West Island), Cocos Island Tours.

    Famous Hotels in Cocos Islands

    There are two main hotels in the Islands
    • Cocos Seaview
    • Cocos Castaway

    Cocos Islands Cuisine

    The cuisine of Cocos Islands are not indigenous. They are a mixture of Malay, European and Australian cuisines. Cultivation is difficult in the country. Only few vegetables are grown. The major part of the food needs to be shipped in from Australia.

    Cocos Islands Culture

    The ethnicity of Cocos Islands are mainly Malay and European. Needless to say that celebrations there are modelled after their home countries. The religion there is mainly Sunni Muslim and Christianity.
    Major sport of the Cocos Islands is fishing. Major festivities of the country include Mid-Year Ball, Wine Art & Music Festival, St Patrick’s Day, Melbourne Cup, Orphans Christmas Lunch at Trannies Beach and the New Year’s Eve.

    International and Domestic Airports in Cocos Islands

    Cocos (Keeling) Islands Airport is the only airport in the country.
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    Flag of Cocos Islands