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    World Map / Information About Christmas Islands

    Information About Christmas Islands

    About Christmas Island

    Christmas Island if officially known as Territory of Christmas Island has its capital in Flying Fish Cove. National Anthem Advance Australia Fair, ranks 224th in the world in terms of land area and 247th in terms of population.

    History of Christmas Island

    The Christmas Island was discovered on the Christmas Day 25th December in 1643. There was no human existence in the region prior to that. A proper survey of the Island was done in 1666. At that time the island was found to be rich in naturally occurring phosphates and endemic species of flora and fauna. The Island was then taken under by the British and colonised.

    Workers were brought in from nearby China on a contract basis to mine the island for phosphates and it remained largely undisturbed for a long time. During the Second World War it was attacked by the Japanese and they gained control of the island for a brief amount of time. The Japanese continued mining of the Island until the end of the Second World War. Possession was then again taken by the United Kingdom.
    In 1957 Australia proposed to take charge over the island. It gave UK a sum of $2.9 billion as compensation for the phosphates that were available. From then it has remained under the Australians.
    In the present day Christmas Islands face a lot of problems from foreign immigrants and refugees who come to seek asylum in the country.

    Geography of Christmas Island

    Being and island Christmas Island shares it boundary with no other country. It lies entirely in the Indian Ocean. It is a part of Indian Ocean Australian Region. The nearest neighbour of Christmas Island is Cocos Island also a part of Australian Territory.

    The country is made up of coral reefs and it poses a serious hazard for ships that sail too near the coast. In December 2010 48 asylum seekers died when they were on a ship that run aground near the Island.
    1) There are a few natural blowholes in the country.
    2) There are coral reefs making it a good breeding ground for fishes.
    3) This in turn gives rise to water sports such as fishing, snorkelling etc. in the country.
    The highest point in the country is Murray Hill at 357 metres above sea level. The lowest point is the Indian Ocean 0m at sea level.

    Climate of Christmas Island

    Being below the equatorial region, it doesn’t experience much difference in climate all year round. It experiences dry and wet periods and is subject to the monsoons.

    Natural Resources in Christmas Island

    The natural resources of the country are natural phosphates, beaches and the diverse flora and fauna of species endemic to the region.

    Tourist Attraction in Christmas Island

    The main city and the largest settlement in the Christmas Island is Flying Fish Cove. The famous tourist attractions of the country are Dales a series of parallel running rivers, Lily Beach, Blowholes a natural formation in which hot water is blown from the earth to the skies, Dolly Beach, Native species of flora and fauna across the Island.

    Famous Hotels in Christmas Island

    The famous hotels of the country are
    • Christmas Island Resort
    • The Cabin
    • Captain's Last Resort
    • Christmas Island Lodge

    Christmas Island Cuisine

    There is no indigenous cuisine in the country. The chief reason being that cultivation is deemed impossible due to presence of parasitic nematodes in the soil. The nematodes deem cultivation impossible. Food is flown in to the country from neighbouring countries. The cuisine of Christmas Island is a mixture of Chinese and Australian indigenous cuisine.

    Christmas Island Culture

    The culture of Christmas Island is influenced by the ethnicity of the country. The main occupants of the country are Chinese followed by European, this has led to celebrations and festivities pertaining to their own culture. The religion of the country is Buddhism, Christianity and Islam. The main sport of the country is fishing along with other water based activities, snorkelling, deep sea diving etc.

    International and Domestic Airports in Christmas Island

    The only airport in Christmas Island is Christmas Island Airport
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    Flag of Christmas Islands