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    World Map / Chad Map / Airports in Chad / Bongor Airport in Chad

    Bongor Airport, Chad

    Information about Bongor Airport in Chad

    CountryChad Country CodeTD
    AirportBongor AirportAirport CodeOGR

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    Bongor Airport in Chad

    Map Showing the location of Bongor Airport in Chad along with its City, Country, Country Code, Airport Code. Mouse over on marker for Information about Bongor Airport.

    Chad Airports

    Table shows the List of Airports in Chad along with city and airport code.

    List of Airports in Chad

    AirportAirport CodeCity
    Bongor AirportOGRBongor
    Mongo AirportMVOMongo
    Lai AirportLTCLai
    Abou Deia AirportAODAbou Deia
    Mao AirportAMOMao
    Abecher AirportAEHAbecher
    Zakouma AirportAKMZakouma
    Faya AirportFYTFaya
    Bol AirportOTCBol
    Pala AirportPLFPala
    Am Timan AirportAMCAm Timan
    Oum Hadjer AirportOUMOum Hadjer
    Ati AirportATVAti
    Bokoro AirportBKRBokoro
    Moundou AirportMQQMoundou
    Sarh AirportSRHSarh
    Melfi AirportMEFMelfi
    Bousso AirportOUTBousso