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    World Map / Information About Chad

    Information About Chad

    About Chad

    Chad, officially referred as the Republic of Chad is a country in the central Africa. It's the fifth largest country in Africa and N'Djamena is the largest city, Country's Motto :- "unity, work, progress", National Flag adopted in 1959 has a vertical tricolour of blue, yellow and red, the National Anthem :-"The Chadian Hymn", Official Language :- Arabic and French, Monetary Unit :- CFA Franc, widely practised Religion :- Islam and Christianity, home of Lake Chad, the 2nd largest lake in Africa after which the country is named ,presently a dominant-party presidential republics with the president and the prime minister as the top leaders and the national assembly as its legislature,

    History of Chad

    The northern half of Chadian territory has been inhabited since the 7th millennium BC by the Berbers who started migrating into the area due to the attractive ecological conditions ,this has been demonstrated by the important African archaeological sites in Chad which dating earlier than 2000 BC. By 16th century, several kingdoms: Ouaddai, Kanem-bornu and Bugurmi dominated the area. Rabih al-Zubayr, who ruled these kingdoms, was overthrown by the French who formed the colony of French Equatorial Africa. François Tombalbaye, the leader of an independence movement achieved the country's complete independence in august 11, 1960. In 1975, François was killed in a coup led by Felix Malloum who failed to end the war, and in 1979 he was replaced by a Libyan Goukouki Ouedde. In March 1979, nine rival groups meeting in Lagos agreed to form a provisional government headed by Goukouni Oueddei, a former rebel leader. The government eventually drafted a democratic constitution and held flawed presidential elections in 1996 where Mr Deby was confirmed president in Chad's first election. Between 2006 and 2010, Chad and Sudan went through a four-year-break in relation after they accused for backing and harbouring rebels. Chad has hosted a large number of refugees since 2013 who flew from their neighbouring countries and in 2015; Chad agreed to assist Cameroon in the fight against Boko Haram.

    Geography of Chad

    Chad is bordered by Libya in the north, Central African Republic in the south, Niger, Nigeria and Cameroon in the west and Sudan to the east. It covers 1,284,000 square kilometres in the north central Africa and is between latitudes 7° and 24°N, and 13° and 24°E. The terrain is composed of a wide basin in the north and Ennedi plateau together with Tibesti Mountains in the east. Another physical feature is the dormant volcano, Emi Koussi, which has a height of3414 metres and Lake Chad which covers large areas of the Chad basin. The country lacks coastline and maritime claims since it's a landlocked country with broad arid plains at the centre and a desert in the north. The lowest point is Djourab 160 m and the highest point is Emi Koussi 3,415 m. Chad also has major rivers such as Chari and Logone which flows through southern savannah into Lake Chad.

    Climate of Chad

    Chad has varying climatic season at different times and even different location. The country has tropical climate in the south and a desert in the north. Intertropical front which is a tropical weather crosses the country from south to north creating a wet season from May to October in the south, and from June to September in the Sahel. Chad is also faced by the hot, dry, dusty harmattan winds which occur in the north.

    Natural Resources in Chad

    The main natural resources in Chad includes animals such as fish found in the main Lake Chad, minerals such as gold, petroleum, uranium, sand and gravel, salt, natron and kaolin, limestone wildlife involving both plants such as Palms and acacia trees and animals such as Elephants, lions, buffalo, hippopotamuses, rhinoceroses, giraffes, antelopes, leopards, cheetahs, hyenas, and many species of snakes.

    Tourist Attraction in Chad

    Most parts of Chad are popular due to the attraction of great numbers of tourists who visit the country to have a touch and a look in the famous Lake Chad, the Tibesti Mountains, Douguia's Chari River and Elephant Rock zakouma national parks and even the large N'Djamena city which is almost two cities in one. The top five cities in Chad include:
    • N'Djamena , Chari-Baguirmi
    • Moundou, Logone Occidental
    • Sarh Moyen-Chari
    • Abbeche, Ouaddai
    • Kelo,tandjile
    Other special features in Chad such as the Chari River, the Grande mosque, the Grand Marche, Hadjer el Hamis, the Elephant Rock Not forgetting the Les Rochers, Douguia, boat trip on the Chari River, N'Djamena, cathedral and Musee National

    Famous Hotels in Chad

    The most famous and big hotels in Chad include:
    • The Kempinski Hotel N'Djamena
    • The La Residence
    • The Hotel du Chari
    • The Novotel N'Djamena La Tchadienne
    • The Tropical Hotel
    • The Shanghai Hotel
    • The Asfa Hotel
    • The Guang Zhou Hotel

      • Chad Cuisine

        Chadian traditional cooking, practises, foods and dishes play the largest role in the cultural makeup of Chad. The people of Chad utilize grains such as sorghum, millet and rice, vegetables such as cassava, and a variety of fruits. Many residents of Chad abundantly consume fish and dairy products from livestock. Most hotel serve healthy foods and dishes such as daraba, millet pancakes, dried, salted and smoked fish, okra-based gumbo and even kisser. Most consumed types of meats include beef, mutton, bush meat, chicken, fish and goats.

        International and Domestic Airports in Chad

        Chad has several airports which operate both internally and internationally. They include:
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    Facts about Chad

    Independence Day11-Aug-60
    ClimateTropical, Arid and Semi-arid
    Area1,284,000 sq km
    CurrencyCentral African CFA franc (XAF)
    Dialling Code235
    NeighboursCameroon, Central African Republic, Libya, Niger, Nigeria, Sudan

    Flag of Chad