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    World Map / Information About Cayman Islands

    Information About Cayman Islands

    About Cayman Islands

    The Cayman Islands are actually British Overseas territory in the Caribbean Sea. The National Anthem is “God Save the Queen”, National Bird is Grand Cayman Parrot, National Flower is Wild Banana Orchid, it ranks 210th in the world in terms of land area and 217th in terms of population.

    History of Cayman Islands

    The Cayman Islands had largely been uninhabited by people. The first documents of human existence in the Cayman Islands date back to the 17th century. They were mostly comprised of outlaws, pirates, refugees from Spanish Inquisition Squads and the remnants and deserters of Oliver Cromwell’s army in the Jamaican Island. England successfully acquired the Cayman Islands under its control by the late 17th century and made several attempts at establishing a permanent English speaking people. In the early half of the 18th century, when a proper population was established there grew the need for slaves to do the menial work. For this reason many slaves were imported from African countries. It is because of this that there exists and almost equal proportion of Black and White people till date.

    The Cayman Islands have been historically a tax exempt location. There exists no taxations on many of the commonly taxed items such as income tax, capital gains tax etc. This makes the place a “Tax Haven”. With over KYD$ 47,000 net income for the general population the country enjoys one of the highest standards of living compared to most other countries.

    The Cayman Islands being away from the mainland and residing in the middle of the sea is subject to a great many disruptive forces of nature. It is mainly subject to hurricanes. In 2004 the Cayman Islands were hit by Hurricane Ivan. At that time an estimate of 83% of the country was affected, with 4% being completely damaged. However due to their exemptions from taxation and a strong economic background the damages were restored to their former self in two years. At present the Cayman Islands have the 14th highest GDP as per CIA World Factbook.

    Geography of Cayman Islands

    The Cayman Islands reside in the Western part of the Caribbean Sea. It comprises three islands namely Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Barc. These three islands make up the totality of the Cayman Islands. Grand Cayman is the largest of the three islands. The other two being the sister islands of the main Island. Little Cayman is the smallest of the three residing in between the other two.
    1) Cayman Islands have a massive underwater ridge. It is known as the Cayman Ridge or Cayman Rise.
    2) The Cayman Islands also have a trough in-between the Ridge known as the Cayman Trough. It is about 6,000m deep.
    3) The Cayman Islands were created due the formation of coral heads.
    The highest point in the Cayman Islands “The Bluff” a location in the Cayman Barcisland that rises 43m above the sea level. There is no lowest point on the land. Its lowest point could be said to be the Caribbean Sea itself at 0m from sea level.

    The most notable feature of Cayman Islands could be said to be its marine flora and fauna as being in the tropics provides a good breeding ground for the marine species.

    Climate of Cayman Islands

    Being in the tropical region, the Cayman Islands experience tropical marine climate. It also gets showers of rains in the summer for a period of about half the year, starting from May and ending near October.

    Natural Resources in Cayman Islands

    The main natural resources of the company are fishes that are bountiful in nature and are exported for commercial gains. Other than that they have beaches and the pleasant climate all year round that foster tourism for the country.

    Tourist Attraction in Cayman Islands

    Being a tropical country and having a lot of beaches, it is an ideal tourist spot. The country’s government relies heavily on tourism to generate revenue, as it is a tax free location. For that reason there are a lot of famous places in the country and a lot of scenic attractions for tourists.
    Some of the famous places are Kittiwake Shipwreck and Artificial reef, Pedro St. James National Historic Site, Seven Mile Beach, MV Captain Keith Tibbetts and Stingray City. All the three islands offer scuba diving facilities and marine adventures such as feeding squids to stingrays.

    Famous Hotels in Cayman Islands

    Among the list of famous hotels are
    • Southern Cross Club
    • Turtle Nest Inn
    • Caribbean Club
    • Sunset House

    Cayman Islands Cuisine

    The cuisine of Cayman Islands is somewhat borrowed from the Jamaican and the British style of cooking. Traditionally their cuisine comprises ingredients such as coconuts, plantain, cassava, yams, rice and peas. In addition to that they also serve international food, occasionally a little seasoning and a local twist. The have benefitted from the Jamaicans by using their spices to add more flavour to the food.
    The traditional food of the Cayman Islands has always had fish as their base, served with tomato, onions and pepper. Their fishes are mainly Tuna, Mackerel, Turtles and Snapper.

    Cayman Islands Culture

    The population of Cayman Islands is very diversified with about 40% of the total population being Native Caymanians. Their culture has been influenced mainly by the United Kingdom, Jamaica and North America. The country is mainly Christian with small minorities of other religions such as Islam, Hindu etc. There are many small festivals in the country, but the main festival which attracts the most visitors from across the world is the Pirate Week Festival. It is a festival that lasts eleven days in the month of November. There are various events and it is a treat to watch everyone having fun. Lots of local cuisine is served, fireworks are displayed, a mock invasion of the island also takes place, in which the governor is captured.

    International and Domestic Airports in Cayman Islands

    There are mainly three airports in which passenger services are carried out.
    • Owen Roberts International Airport – George Town, Grand Cayman
    • Charles Kirkconnell International Airport – Cayman Barc
    • Edward Bodden Airfield – Little Cayman

    In addition to that they have many ports as it is an Island country. The main port of Cayman Islands is located in George Town in Grand Cayman.
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