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    World Map / Cape Verde Map / Airports in Cape Verde / Airports in Sao Vicente, Cape Verde

    List of Airports in Sao Vicente(Cape Verde)

    San Pedro Airport in Sao Vicente

    Map Showing the location of San Pedro Airport, Sao Vicente. Click on the marker for Information about San Pedro Airport - its Country, Country Code, Airport Code.

    Find Airports

    Table shows the List of Airports in Cape Verde along with city and airport code.

    List of Airports in Cape Verde

    CityAirportAirport Code
    Brava Esperadinha Airport BVR
    Sao Filipe Sao Filipe Airport SFL
    Sao Vicente San Pedro Airport VXE
    Sao Nicolau Preguica Airport SNE
    Praia Francisco Mendes Airport RAI
    Santo Antao Santo Antao Airport NTO
    Sal Amilcar Cabral International Airport SID
    Mosteiros Mosteiros Airport MTI
    Boa Vista Rabil Airport BVC
    Maio Vila Do Maio Airport MMO