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    World Map / Information About Barbados

    Information About Barbados

    About Barbados

    Barbados, having its capital at Bridgetown, National Anthem – In Plenty and in Time of Need, National Motto – Pride and Industry, National Flower – Dwarf Poinciana or Flower Fence and National Language – English, ranks 200th in terms of area, 181st in terms of population and 65th in terms of economy in the world.

    History of Barbados

    The history of Barbados accounts from 1625 AD, when the British expeditors first set foot on the island of Barbados. At that time the land was vacant and they claimed the island as British territory. The place where the British landed at that time is the present popular Holetown. Soon the English people arrived to inhibit the vacant island in 1627. A Local House of Assembly was set up by the British to run governance. Barbados thrived on sugar industry. The island was fragmented into several parts and plantation was the name given to the parts. Until the abolishing of the Slave System in Britain in 1834, slaves were imported from Africa to toil in the sugar fields. The British ruled the land even after the abolition of slave system until 1930 when the progenies of the slaves protested for civil rights. Under the leadership of Sir Grantley Adams, founder of Barbados Labor Party (BLP), Barbados first experienced independence in 1961. Sir Grantley was the first Prime Minister.

    But sooner the Barbadian realized that they needed aid for well-being from a strong nation. This realization resulted in the amalgamation of Barbados in the British Commonwealth on November 30th, 1966 as an independent sovereign.

    Geography of Barbados

    Barbados is aninland island located in the North Atlantic Ocean bounded by Martinique and Saint Lucia in the North-West, Trinidad and Tobago and Venezuela in the South-West, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines in the West and Guyana in the South-East. Barbados is characterized by its Rolling Hills parallel to the coast and the terraced low lying plains. More than 85% of Barbados comprises coral limestone ranging almost 25-30 metres thick. Another distinct characteristic of Barbados is the underground channels formed by the saturated rain water, famous among them being the Coles Cave. Barbados comprises a total land area of 430 sq. kms with a coastline of 97 km.

    The highest point of Barbados is the Mount Hillaby (336m) and
    The lowest point is the Atlantic Ocean (0m on sea level).

    Climate of Barbados

    Barbados experiences tropical climate being situated in the Tropics. The temperature around the year is mostly moderate from 24o-28o C. It relishes north-easterly trade winds in the dry seasons from November to June. Barbados has an annual average rainfall of 1,875mm.

    Natural Resources in Barbados

    The natural resources of Barbados are fishes, petroleum and natural gases.

    Important Cities in Barbados
    • Bridgetown
    • Speightstown
    • Oistins
    • Bathsheba
    • Holetown
    • Crane
    • Crab Hill
    • Blackmans
    • Greenland
    • Hillaby

    Tourist Attraction in Barbados

    • Harrison’s Cave
    • St Nicholas Abbey
    • Animal Flower Cave
    • Garrison on Savannah Racetrack
    • Andromeda Gardens
    • Barbados Museum & Historical Society
    • George Washington House
    • Flower Forest
    • Parliament Buildings
    • Sandy Lane
    • Bottom Bay
    • Nidhe Israel Synagogue
    • Kensington Oval
    • Miami Beach
    • Morgan Lewis Windmill
    • Mount Hillaby
    • Bussa Emancipation Statue
    • Bridgetown Heliport
    • Mount Gay Rum Refinery

    Famous Hotels in Barbados

    The famous hotels of Barbados are
    • The House Barbados
    • Sandy Lane Hotel
    • Colony Club
    • Fairmont Royal Pavillion
    • Tamarind Cove Hotel
    • Hilon Barbados Hotel

    Barbados Cuisine

    The cuisine of Barbados is the amalgamation of the traditional essence of some countries like Britain, Dutch, Portugal, Spain and others those colonized in the land. Their cuisine is light and simple and the flavours include thyme, parsley, basil and the spices include paprika, black pepper, clove. Sugar is grown in the land abundantly and sweetness in plates is common. Some of the popular dishes of Barbados are:
    • Flying Fish
    • Pepperpot
    • Flying Fish Cutter
    • Pudding N’ Souse
    • Fish Cakes
    • Conkies
    • CouCou and Flying Fish (National Fish)
    • Bajan Macaroni Pie and Flying Fish
    • Bajan Black Eye Peas and Rice
    • Bajan Candied Sweet Potatoes

    International Airports in Barbados

    Some of the busiest airports of Barbados at a glance are:
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    Flag of Barbados

    Facts about Barbados

    ContinentNorth America
    GovernmentParliamentary democracy under constitutional Monarchy
    Independence Day30-Nov-66
    Area431 sq km
    CurrencyBarbadian dollar ($) (BBD)
    Dialling Code1-246