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    World Map / Information About Bahrain

    Information About Bahrain

    About Bahrain

    Bahrain, officially acknowledged as the Kingdom of Bahrain, having its capital at Manama, National Anthem – Bahrainona (Our Bahrain), National Motto – Bahrainona, National Flower – Rose, is an Islamic country ranking 187th in terms of area, 155th in terms of population and 98th in terms of economy in the world.

    History of Bahrain

    Bahrain is believed to be inhibited since the prehistoric times by the Sumerians. The land of Bahrain was popular as Dilmun in the 2000 B.C. Dilmun was a major trade post en-route Sumeri and the Indus Valley. Bahrain was seized by the Sasanian Empire in the 4th century B.C. The land was the Muslim stronghold as they captured the land in the 7th century and ruled until the 16th century. Portugal then annexed Bahrain in 1521 and made their military barracks there making it an observatory post for their seized territory. This settlement of the Portuguese was not long lived as the Persians attacked Bahrain and took control of it from the Portuguese in 1602.In 1783, Bahrain got a ruler from their own land – Ahmad Al Khalifah.

    To be shielded from the tormenting Turkish attacks, Bahrain was forced to signed agreements with the British who in return put clauses in the treaty for their right of entry in the Persian Gulf. Taking advantage of the position the British overtook the throne and put their rulers in the chair in 1869. The British Middle Eastern naval base was set up in Bahrain in the year 1935 and major British officials were posted in Bahrain in 1946.
    A strong protest against the British government was raised in 1950, but the British did not give up their regime until 1971. On 4th August 1971, Bahrain officially announced their Independence.
    In 1902, it was known to the Bahraini the existence of oil in their province but commercially it was explored in the year 1932 by William Taylor. Bahrain then enjoyed economic prosperity until 1980’s due to price hike in the oil.
    There was turmoil in the internal politics of Bahrain after 1990. This unstable situation led the agreement of the Bahrainis with the US. The US armies build up their barracks in Bahrain that led to a bosom relationship of the Bahrainis with the US.

    Geography of Bahrain

    Bahrain is an amalgamation of thirty three (33) islands in the Persian Gulf usually acknowledged by the term "Archipelago" surrounded by the countries of Iran, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE. Bahrain’s is mostly surrounded by rocky islands and coral reefs. Most part of Bahrain is an arid desert which is low-lying. Limestone physiography is a common characteristic of Bahrain.

    The physiography of Bahrain can be classified into –
    1) The Limestone covered central part. "Jabal ad Dukhan" or The Mountain of Smoke is a popular feature in this part that is named for the mists that frequently swathe the mountain peak.
    2) Miocene silicious clay covering a shorter area.
    3) Pleistocene sands adorning the canyon region.
    4) The low-lying beach formed by the relatively new sand deposition.

    Bahrain covers a total area of 760 sq. kms and comprises a coastline of 161 km.
    The highest point of the island is JabaladDukhan (122m above sea level) and
    The lowest point is the Persian Gulf (0m on sea level).

    Climate of Bahrain

    Bahrain experiences arid type of climatic comprising mainly two seasons namely summer and winter. The summer temperature averages 40oC with very high humidity making the climate extremely unpleasant. The winters are mild and averages 15o C. The island receives very scarce rainfall and the average rainfall accounts 75mm.

    Natural Resources in Bahrain

    The natural resources of Bahrain are fishes, oil, pearls and associated & non-associated natural gas.

    Important Cities of Bahrain
    • Manama
    • Riffa
    • Hamad Town
    • Muharraq
    • A’ali
    • Budaiya
    • Isa Town
    • Sitra

    Tourist Attraction in Bahrain

    • Adhari Park
    • Al Fateh Grand Mosque
    • Amwaj Islands
    • Arad Fort
    • Bab Al Bahrain
    • Bahrain National Museum
    • Barbar Temple
    • Beit Al Quran
    • Khamis Mosque
    • King Fahd Causeway
    • Museum of Pearl Diving
    • Qal’at-al-Bahrain

    Famous Hotels in Bahrain

    • Ritz Carlton Bahrain Hotel and Spa
    • Intercontinental Bahrain
    • Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay
    • Le Meridien Bahrain City Centre
    • The Domain Bahrain
    • Gulf Hotel Bahrain
    • The Diplomat Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa

    Bahrain Cuisine

    Bahrain being located in the vicinity of the Arabs has their cuisine close to the Arabic. Though, they have a fusion of taste with Thai, Pakistani, Chinese and Indian cuisines. Some of the most popular local plates are:
    • Qoozi – Lamb grilled with rice
    • Machboos – Fresh meat or chicken plated with curry mixed rice.
    • Muhammar – Sweetened Rice
    • Gahwa – A Refreshing Drink
    • Halwa– Desert

    International and Domestic Airports in Bahrain

    Some of the important airports of Bahrain are:
    • Bahrain International Airport (Civil)
    • Shaikh Isa Air Base (Military)
    • Sakhir Air Base (Military)
    • Riffa Air Base (Military)
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    Flag of Bahrain

    Facts about Bahrain

    GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
    Independence Day15-Aug-71
    Area765.3 sq km
    CurrencyBahraini dinar (BHD)
    Dialling Code973