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    World Map / Information About Bahamas

    Information About Bahamas

    About Bahamas

    Bahamas officially renowned as the "Commonwealth of the Bahamas", with its capital at Nassau, National Anthem – March On, Bahamaland, National Motto – "Forward, Upward, Onward, Together", National Bird – Flamingo, National Flower – The Yellow Elder, ranks 160th in terms of area, 177th in terms of population and 55th in terms of economy in the world.

    History of Bahamas

    Bahamas was first inhibited by the Arawak tribe. Christopher Columbus first landed in the Bahamas in 1492 and the Arawak tribe welcomed him with good heart which was mentioned by Columbus himself. But soon the Arawaks were revolved tribes when the Spaniards reached the land and transported more than forty thousand Arawaks to Hispaniola where they worked in mines until death. The British expeditors also plundered the land.

    Until in 1629 when the Bahamas were first privileged to have their constitution in amalgamation with the Carolinas (US) the land were under the dominance of the numerous expeditors. In 1648, the oppressed British who were exterminated from their land for the sake of religion, settled in the Bahamas and were the first permanent foreign inhabitants. They named the island Eleuthera which meant freedom. They were the forerunners to encourage the plantation economy in the Bahamas with the assistance of slaves.

    Bahamas had a dualistic parliament and nominated lower house in place which were shattered in 1717, when the Crown recommenced governance. The people of the Bahamas were frequently confronted by the French and Spanish tyrants and pirates. The Slavery Abolishing Act of 1834 changed the economic scenario of the island as it was a focus of slave trade. The island thrived in the period of 1861-65 with maritime.

    The island flourished in the 20th century with business. Pineapples, sisal, conch shells were popular trade items. The land prospered the maximum with the sponge industry until in 1939 when it collapsed due to fungal diseases.
    The Progressive Liberal Party was formed in 1953 in interest of the black people. A new constitution was put up to serve majority interests in 1964. On 10th July 1973, Lynden Pindling – leader of the PLP pioneered Bahamas to independence.

    Geography of Bahamas

    Bahamas is an amalgamation of seven hundred cays and atolls situated in the Western Atlantic and are demarcated by the Atlantic Ocean in the North, Florida in the South-East, Cuba in the North-East and the Turks and Caicos Islands. The terrain of the Bahamas has a base foundation of fossil corals but is mostly rugged with oolitic limestone. The land is primarily rugged or swamped with mangroves. The total area of the islands ranges to 13,940 sq. kms. It comprises a coastline of 3,542 kms.

    The highest point of the Bahamas is the Mount Avernia situated on Cat Island (63m above sea-level) and
    The lowest point is the Atlantic Ocean (0m).

    Climate of Bahamas

    Bahamas enjoy a tropical type of climate comprising two seasons mainly summer and winter. The average temperature varies from 20O - 25O Celsius. The average rainfall is 1400 mm and the months of heavy down pour are May to June and August to October.

    Natural Resources in Bahamas

    The natural resources of Bahamas comprise aragonite, arable land, salt and timber.

    Major Cities in Bahamas
    • Nassau
    • Lucaya
    • Freeport
    • West End
    • Cooper’s Town
    • San Andros
    • George Town
    • Marsh Harbour
    • High Rock
    • Andros Town

    Tourist Attraction in Bahamas

    • Atlantis Paradise Island
    • Blue lagoon Island
    • Junkanoo
    • Pirates of Nassau Musuem
    • Ardastra Gardens & Zoo
    • National Art Gallery of the Bahamas
    • Dean’s Blue Hole
    • The Cove Atlantis
    • Fort Charlotte
    • Fort Fincastle
    • Elbow Cay
    • Spanish Wells
    • Man-O-War Cay

    Famous Hotels in Bahamas

    The famous hotels of Bahamas are
    • Old Bahamas Bay Resort & Yacht Harbor
    • Grand Lucayan
    • Rosewood at Baha Mar
    • The Reef Atlantis
    • One & Only Ocean Club
    • Tiamo Resort
    • Pink Sands Resort
    • The Cove Atlantis
    • The Cove Eleuthera
    • Graycliff Hotel and Restaurant

    Bahamas Cuisine

    The cuisine of the Bahamas is exquisite and comprises mainly of seafood such as crustaceans, crab, fish, lobster and conch. There are also tropical fruits, peas, potatoes, rice, pigeon peas and pork.
    Some of the popular dishes of the Bahamas are:
    • Cracked or Fried Lobster
    • Rock Lobster
    • Conch Salad
    • Guava Duff
    • Johnny Cake
    • Bahamian Stew Fish
    • Conch Chowder (Soup)
    • Baked Crab
    • Peas and Rice
    • Baked Bonefish

    International Airports in Bahamas

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    Flag of Bahamas

    Facts about Bahamas

    ContinentNorth America
    GovernmentConstitutional Parliamentary Democracy and a Commonwealth realm
    Independence Day10-Jul-73
    ClimateTropical Maritime
    Area75,517 sq km
    CurrencyBahamian Dollar (BSD)
    Dialling Code1-242