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    World Map / Information About Aruba

    Information About Aruba

    About Aruba

    Aruba, comprising 81% Roman Catholics, having a National Motto – Our Happy Island, having a National Anthem – ArubaDushiTera (ArubaDear Country), National Bird – Aruban Burrowing Owl, National Flower – Wanglo Flower, demarcates a total area of 178.91 sq. kms and is the 197th ranked country in the world in terms of population and 182nd in terms of economy.

    History of Aruba

    First inhabitation in Aruba, by CaquetíosAmerinds – a group from the Arawak Tribe who fled the Carib attack from Venezuela, ages back to 1000 AD. The expeditions of Amerigo Vespucci and Alonso de Ojeda in 1499 enlightened the Europeans about the existence of Aruba who described it to be the "Island of Giants" surprised by the gigantic stature of the tribes there. The cotton and brazilwood stocks of the island encouraged the Europeans to colonise the island.

    Soon Aruba was a colony of Spain and the Spaniards had their authority over the isles for over a century.
    In 1629 the bridle of reign was on the hands of the Dutch and Aruba was under the control of Netherlands for over 130 years. They had their interests in the livestock of the island.

    Aruba played an important role in the 2nd World War providing petroleum resources to the Allies. With Germany having occupied Netherlands, Aruba was under Britain (1940-1942) and under the Americans (1942-1945).

    Aruba first enunciated its 1st constitution as an autonomous state within the Dutch territory in August 1947. Aruba then gradually set foot towards total independence under the leadership of Croes. Croes motivated the Arubans to struggle and fight for independence and in March 1977 the Arubans had a majority of 80% who voted for Independence with the aid of US. Gradually protests were led for the independence of Aruba after a conference in The Hague in the year of 1981. Aruba again pronounced a new constitution in August 1985. Later in 1996 complete independence was achieved by the Arubans.

    Geography of Aruba

    Aruba is the biggest island of the Kingdom of Netherlandspositioned 25 km away in the northern coast of Venezuela and 68 km away northwest of Curaçao. It is in the South American geographical zone. The terrain comprises primarily flat plains and less hill-tops. There are no inland rivers. White sand beaches are its prime distinctive feature and there is less scope for vegetation. The total area of the island is 139sq. kms comprising a coastline of 68.5 km.
    The highest point of Aruba is Mount Jamanota (188m) and
    The lowest point is Caribbean Sea. (0m, at sea level)

    Climate of Aruba

    Aruba experiences a tropical type climate and being situated in the Hurricane belt is acquainted with hurricanes. The temperature remains constant throughout the year and ranges within 30o Celsius. The average rainfall is 38 mm and the most rain is experienced in the month of November and December when rainfall accounts to over 95mm.

    Natural Resources in Aruba

    The natural resources of Aruba are sea food and sand. They have premium conch shells, shrimps and tuna.

    Important Cities of Aruba

    • Babijn
    • Oranjestad
    • Angochi
    • Arasji

    Tourist Attraction in Aruba

    The important tourist attractions are:
    • Eagle Beach
    • Alto Vista Chapel
    • SS Antilla
    • California Lighthouse
    • Archaeological Museum of Aruba
    • Fort Zoutman
    • Hooiberg
    • Palm Island
    • Druif Beach
    • Trinidad Stadium

    Famous Hotels in Aruba

    • Hyatt Regency Aruba Resort and Casino
    • Ritz Carlton Aruba
    • Radisson Aruba Resort and Casino
    • Riu Palace Aruba All Inclusive
    • Renaissance Aruba Resort and Casino

    Aruba Cuisine

    • Appetizers: BalchiPisca, Bitterballen, Pastechi,Sanger Yena.
    • Soups: SopiMondongo, Cool Island Soup,Stropi di Tamarijn.
    • Main Course: Carnival Calamari, Curry Goat/Chicken, Keri Keri,KeshiYena.
    • Desserts: Pan Dushi, Kesio, Pudin di Coco.

    International and Domestic Airports in Aruba

    Some of the important airports of Aruba are:
    • Queen Beatrix International Airport
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    Flag of Aruba