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    World Map / Information About Antarctica

    Information About Antarctica

    About Antarctica

    Antarctica contains the geographic South Pole and is the southern most continent on the Earth. Antarctica is situated in the extreme south of the Antarctic Circle and the Southern Ocean surrounds it.

    History of Antarctica

    Antarctica has not been inhibited and so its history comprises of the expeditions that had taken place over time At around 350 B.C. the ancient Greeks had an idea about the existence of Antarctica. They had knowledge about the Arctic which they had named "Arktos -The Bear" and in the theory of balancing the Worldthey guessed the existence of Antarctica which they named as "Ant-Arktos". In 1773 January, James Cook crossed Antarctic Circle and navigated Antarctica where he commented "I make bold to declare that the world will derive no benefit from it".
    On 27th January 1820, Russian Naval Officer Captain Thaddeus Bellingshausen first sighted the Antarctica and said it was a field of ice covered with small hillocks. This was the first time the continent was truly discovered.
    Around 1840s, British, French and American expeditors separately established Antarctica as a continent by sailing over the entire coastline.
    Again in 1840, a scientist named James Clark Ross and a British Naval Officer expedited in two ships namely Erebus and Terror and they stopped within 80 miles of the coast to discover a massive ice barrier named after the scientist as Ross Ice Shelf and an active volcano named after the ship as Erebus. 145 new species of fishes were also discovered by the scientist.
    In 1898-99, there were British expeditions and the crews of Adrien de Gerlache were the first to survive Antarctic Winter. CarstenBorchgrevink and his crews were first to land on Antarctica and build huts.
    On 14th December 1911, a five men expedition team under Norwegian Roald Amundsen was the first to reach South Pole.
    In 1928, the first people to fly over Antarctica were Australian Sir George Wilkins and American Carl Benjamin Eielson.
    In 1929, the first people to fly over the south pole were Richard E Byrd and three other Americans.
    In 1935, the first woman to set foot on the Antarctica was Caroline Mikkelsen of Norway with her husband who was a Whaling Captain The period 1st July 1957 31st December 1958 is known as the International Geophysical Year, when over 60 stations were established by 12 nations in Antarctica. Antarctica becomes a non-nation and International co-operation in Antarctica begun.
    In 1961, the Antarctic Treaty was made to come in effect.
    In 1997, the first person to cross Antarctica unsupported in 64 days with help of sled, skis and sail was BoergeOusland of Norway.
    March 2007 - March 2009 was considered as International Polar Year - so that researchers get the opportunity to work in both Polar Regions or work summer and winter.

    Geography of Antarctica

    In 1840, Antarctica comprising almost 98% solid ice was considered a continent finally. With a total area of 13,209,000sq. Kms, Antarctica is claimed territorially by Argentina, Chile, Australia, France, Norway< New Zealand and United Kingdom.
    The highest point of Antarctica is Vinsin Massif (4897m) and
    The lowest point is Bentley Sub glacial Trench (2555m below sea level)

    Climate of Antarctica

    Antarctica being the windiest and the coldest place on the Earth, records temperature within a range of -40oto -94o F. The wind speed is measured as high as 200 miles per hour.

    Tourist Attraction in Antarctica

    • Ross Ice Shelf
    • McMurdo Station
    • Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station
    • Paradise Harbor
    • Lemaire Channel

    Famous Hotels in Antarctica

    The famous hotels of Antarctica are
    • GaleazziBasily B&B
    • Antarctica Hostel
    • La Posta Hostel and Apart
    • Cabanas Aldea Nevada
    • Cabanas Del Beagle
    • La Casa De Tere B&B

    International Airports in Antarctica

    • Base Belgrano II Airport
    • Esperanza Base
    • General Bernardo o Higgins Base Skyway
    • Halley Research Station
    • Jubany Airbase
    • Marambio Base
    • McMurdo Station Ice Runway
    • Novolazarevskaya Station
    • Palmer Station Airport
    • Williams Field
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    Flag of Antarctica