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    Hao Island Airport(HOI), French Polynesia

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    Airports in French Polynesia

    Map Showing the locations of HOI Airport (French Polynesia) along with its Country Code. Below is List of Airports in French Polynesia along with city and airport code.

    List of Airports in French Polynesia

    CityAirportAirport Code
    Kaukura Atoll Kaukura Atoll Airport KKR
    Faaite Faaite Airport FAC
    Kauehi Kauehi Airport KHZ
    Hao Island Hao Island Airport HOI
    Katiu Katiu Airport KXU
    Rurutu Rurutu Airport RUR
    Huahine Huahine Airport HUH
    Arutua Arutua Airport AXR
    Reao Reao Airport REA
    Hiva Oa Hiva Oa Airport HIX
    Tetiaroa Is Tetiaroa Is Airport TTI
    Hikueru Hikueru Airport HHZ
    Tubuai Tubuai Airport TUB
    Puka Puka Puka Puka Airport PKP
    Mataiva Mataiva Airport MVT
    Gambier Is Gambier Is Airport GMR
    Tureira Tureira Airport ZTA
    Manihi Manihi Airport XMH
    Apataki Apataki Airport APK
    Vahitahi Vahitahi Airport VHZ
    Takume Takume Airport TJN
    Takaroa Takaroa Airport TKX
    Maupiti Maupiti Airport MAU
    Fakarava Fakarava Airport FAV
    Pukarua Pukarua Airport PUK
    Fangatau Fangatau Airport FGU
    Rangiroa Rangiroa Airport RGI
    Tikehau Atoll Tikehau Atoll Airport TIH
    Rairua Raivavae Airport RVV
    Tupai Tupai Airport TPX
    Atuona Atuona Airport AUQ
    Ua Pou Ua Pou Airport UAP
    Papeete Faaa Airport PPT
    Fakahina Fakahina Airport FHZ
    Moorea Temae Airport MOZ
    Nukutavake Nukutavake Airport NUK
    Ahe Ahe Airport AHE
    Bora Bora Motu Mute Airport BOB
    Raiatea Raiatea Airport RFP
    Makemo Makemo Airport MKP
    Tatakoto Tatakoto Airport TKV
    Takapoto Takapoto Airport TKP
    Anaa Anaa Airport AAA
    Ua Huka Ua Huka Airport UAH
    Nuku Hiva Nuku Hiva Airport NHV