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    World map with countries labeled

    World map labeled

    World Map is a representation of the surface of the Earth. World Political Map consists international boundries of countries with country name. Each country has it's boundary by which it is sorounded by other countries called neighbouring countries. The total (206) listed states of the United Nations which are depicted on the world map are divided into three categories: 193 member states, 2 observer states, and 11 other states. 191 sovereign states, are the countries which are official sovereign, and are no disputes linger. The depicted Map of the world is current as on date January 01, 2019.
    Map showing the locations of 238 countries in the world.
    World Map with countries labled

    What is a Map?

    Map is a graphical or pictorial representation of objects which is similar to each other. In context to geography the cities, states, rivers, forest etc are object and representation of these objects on a surface like on a piece of paper is called a map. With the help of Maps one can easily finds the area or the place which they are looking for. Maps helps in finding the direction from one point to another, find the route from particular place, a river, a forest etc. Map can be made for the representation of any object like place, rivers, forest, mountains, natural resources, weathers and many more.


    World consists of 510,072,000 km2 of total area in which 148,940,000 km2 area have land and 361,132,000 km2 area under water. Approx 70.8% of world's area are under water. Below is the List of Countries by Area.
    27 BCE - Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus is granted the title Augustus by the Roman Senate, marking the beginning of the Roman Empire.
    378 - General Siyaj K'ak' conquers Tikal, enlarging the domain of King Spearthrower Owl of Teotihuac-n.
    550 - Gothic War: The Ostrogoths, under King Totila, conquer Rome after a long siege, by bribing the Isaurian garrison.
    972 - Sheng Zong, emperor of the Liao Dynasty (Death 1031)
    1093 - Isaac Komnenos, son of Byzantine emperor Alexios I Komnenos (Death 1152)
    1245 - Edmund Crouchback, English politician, Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports (Death 1296)
    1362 - Robert de Vere, duke of Ireland (Death 1392)
    1409 - Ren- of Anjou, king of Naples (Death 1480)
    654 - Gao Jifu, Chinese politician and chancellor (Birth 596)
    957 - Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Ali al-Madhara'i, Tulunid vizier (Birth 871)
    970 - Polyeuctus of Constantinople, Byzantine patriarch (Birth 956)
    1263 - Shinran Shonin, Japanese founder of the Jodo Shinshu branch of Pure Land Buddhism
    1289 - Buqa, Mongol minister

    Last Updated: January 16, 2021