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    Wisconsin Zip Codes (USA)

    Wisconsin Zip codes

    Wisconsin is a state out of 50 states in USA. Wisconsin zipcodes starts from 53001 and ends to 54990.
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    Zipcode Map of Wisconsin

    Map showing the location of Zipcode of Wisconsin along with Latitude and Longitude.
    Table shows the List of Zipcodes in Wisconsin Cities - USA. Find the location of Zipcodes of Wisconsin cities below.

    List of Zipcodes of Wisconsin Cities, USA

    53001AdellAdell, WI
    53002AllentonAllenton, WI
    53003AshippunAshippun, WI
    53004BelgiumBelgium, WI
    53005BrookfieldBrookfield, WI
    53006BrownsvilleBrownsville, WI
    53007ButlerButler, WI
    53008BrookfieldBrookfield, WI
    53010CampbellsportCampbellsport, WI
    53011CascadeCascade, WI
    53012CedarburgCedarburg, WI
    53013Cedar GroveCedar Grove, WI
    53014ChiltonChilton, WI
    53015ClevelandCleveland, WI
    53016ClymanClyman, WI
    53017ColgateColgate, WI
    53018DelafieldDelafield, WI
    53019EdenEden, WI
    53020Elkhart LakeElkhart Lake, WI
    53021FredoniaFredonia, WI
    53022GermantownGermantown, WI
    53023GlenbeulahGlenbeulah, WI
    53024GraftonGrafton, WI
    53026GreenbushGreenbush, WI
    53027HartfordHartford, WI
    53029HartlandHartland, WI
    53031HinghamHingham, WI
    53032HoriconHoricon, WI
    53033HubertusHubertus, WI
    53034HustisfordHustisford, WI
    53035Iron RidgeIron Ridge, WI
    53036IxoniaIxonia, WI
    53037JacksonJackson, WI
    53038Johnson CreekJohnson Creek, WI
    53039JuneauJuneau, WI
    53040KewaskumKewaskum, WI
    53042KielKiel, WI
    53044KohlerKohler, WI
    53045BrookfieldBrookfield, WI
    53046LannonLannon, WI
    53047LebanonLebanon, WI
    53048LomiraLomira, WI
    53049MaloneMalone, WI
    53050MayvilleMayville, WI
    53051Menomonee FallsMenomonee Falls, WI
    53052Menomonee FallsMenomonee Falls, WI
    53056MertonMerton, WI
    53057Mount CalvaryMount Calvary, WI
    53058NashotahNashotah, WI
    53059NeoshoNeosho, WI
    53060NewburgNewburg, WI
    53061New HolsteinNew Holstein, WI
    53062New HolsteinNew Holstein, WI
    53063NewtonNewton, WI
    53064North LakeNorth Lake, WI
    53065OakfieldOakfield, WI
    53066OconomowocOconomowoc, WI
    53069OkaucheeOkauchee, WI
    53070OostburgOostburg, WI
    53072PewaukeePewaukee, WI
    53073PlymouthPlymouth, WI
    53074Port WashingtonPort Washington, WI
    53075Random LakeRandom Lake, WI
    53076RichfieldRichfield, WI
    53078RubiconRubicon, WI
    53079Saint CloudSaint Cloud, WI
    53080SaukvilleSaukville, WI
    53081SheboyganSheboygan, WI
    53082SheboyganSheboygan, WI
    53083SheboyganSheboygan, WI

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