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    Mississippi Zip Codes (USA)

    Mississippi Zip codes

    Mississippi is a state out of 50 states in USA. Mississippi zipcodes starts from 38601 and ends to 39776.
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    Zipcode Map of Mississippi

    Map showing the location of Zipcode of Mississippi along with Latitude and Longitude.
    Table shows the List of Zipcodes in Mississippi Cities - USA. Find the location of Zipcodes of Mississippi cities below.

    List of Zipcodes of Mississippi Cities, USA

    38601AbbevilleAbbeville, MS
    38602ArkabutlaArkabutla, MS
    38603AshlandAshland, MS
    38606BatesvilleBatesville, MS
    38609BelenBelen, MS
    38610Blue MountainBlue Mountain, MS
    38611ByhaliaByhalia, MS
    38614ClarksdaleClarksdale, MS
    38617CoahomaCoahoma, MS
    38618ColdwaterColdwater, MS
    38619ComoComo, MS
    38620CourtlandCourtland, MS
    38621CrenshawCrenshaw, MS
    38622CrowderCrowder, MS
    38623DarlingDarling, MS
    38625DumasDumas, MS
    38626DundeeDundee, MS
    38627EttaEtta, MS
    38628FalconFalcon, MS
    38629FalknerFalkner, MS
    38630FarrellFarrell, MS
    38631Friars PointFriars Point, MS
    38632HernandoHernando, MS
    38633Hickory FlatHickory Flat, MS
    38634Holly SpringsHolly Springs, MS
    38635Holly SpringsHolly Springs, MS
    38637Horn LakeHorn Lake, MS
    38638IndependenceIndependence, MS
    38639JonestownJonestown, MS
    38641Lake CormorantLake Cormorant, MS
    38642LamarLamar, MS
    38643LambertLambert, MS
    38644LulaLula, MS
    38645LyonLyon, MS
    38646MarksMarks, MS
    38647Michigan CityMichigan City, MS
    38649Mount PleasantMount Pleasant, MS
    38650MyrtleMyrtle, MS
    38651NesbitNesbit, MS
    38652New AlbanyNew Albany, MS
    38654Olive BranchOlive Branch, MS
    38655OxfordOxford, MS
    38658PopePope, MS
    38659Potts CampPotts Camp, MS
    38661Red BanksRed Banks, MS
    38663RipleyRipley, MS
    38664RobinsonvilleRobinsonville, MS
    38665SarahSarah, MS
    38666SardisSardis, MS
    38668SenatobiaSenatobia, MS
    38669SherardSherard, MS
    38670SledgeSledge, MS
    38671SouthavenSouthaven, MS
    38672SouthavenSouthaven, MS
    38673TaylorTaylor, MS
    38674TiplersvilleTiplersville, MS
    38675TulaTula, MS
    38676TunicaTunica, MS
    38677UniversityUniversity, MS
    38679VictoriaVictoria, MS
    38680WallsWalls, MS
    38683WalnutWalnut, MS
    38685WaterfordWaterford, MS
    38686WallsWalls, MS
    38701GreenvilleGreenville, MS
    38702GreenvilleGreenville, MS
    38703GreenvilleGreenville, MS
    38704GreenvilleGreenville, MS
    38720AlligatorAlligator, MS
    38721AnguillaAnguilla, MS

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