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    Louisiana Zip Codes (USA)

    Louisiana Zip codes

    Louisiana is a state out of 50 states in USA. Louisiana zipcodes starts from 70001 and ends to 71497.
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    Zipcode Map of Louisiana

    Map showing the location of Zipcode of Louisiana along with Latitude and Longitude.
    Table shows the List of Zipcodes in Louisiana Cities - USA. Find the location of Zipcodes of Louisiana cities below.

    List of Zipcodes of Louisiana Cities, USA

    70001MetairieMetairie, LA
    70002MetairieMetairie, LA
    70003MetairieMetairie, LA
    70004MetairieMetairie, LA
    70005MetairieMetairie, LA
    70006MetairieMetairie, LA
    70009MetairieMetairie, LA
    70010MetairieMetairie, LA
    70011MetairieMetairie, LA
    70030Des AllemandsDes Allemands, LA
    70031AmaAma, LA
    70032ArabiArabi, LA
    70033MetairieMetairie, LA
    70036BaratariaBarataria, LA
    70037Belle ChasseBelle Chasse, LA
    70038BoothvilleBoothville, LA
    70039BoutteBoutte, LA
    70040BraithwaiteBraithwaite, LA
    70041BurasBuras, LA
    70043ChalmetteChalmette, LA
    70044ChalmetteChalmette, LA
    70047DestrehanDestrehan, LA
    70049EdgardEdgard, LA
    70050EmpireEmpire, LA
    70051GaryvilleGaryville, LA
    70052GramercyGramercy, LA
    70053GretnaGretna, LA
    70054GretnaGretna, LA
    70055MetairieMetairie, LA
    70056GretnaGretna, LA
    70057HahnvilleHahnville, LA
    70058HarveyHarvey, LA
    70059HarveyHarvey, LA
    70060MetairieMetairie, LA
    70062KennerKenner, LA
    70063KennerKenner, LA
    70064KennerKenner, LA
    70065KennerKenner, LA
    70067LafitteLafitte, LA
    70068La PlaceLa Place, LA
    70069La PlaceLa Place, LA
    70070LulingLuling, LA
    70071LutcherLutcher, LA
    70072MarreroMarrero, LA
    70073MarreroMarrero, LA
    70075MerauxMeraux, LA
    70076Mount AiryMount Airy, LA
    70078New SarpyNew Sarpy, LA
    70079NorcoNorco, LA
    70080ParadisParadis, LA
    70081PilottownPilottown, LA
    70082Pointe A La HachePointe A La Hache, LA
    70083Port SulphurPort Sulphur, LA
    70084ReserveReserve, LA
    70085Saint BernardSaint Bernard, LA
    70086Saint JamesSaint James, LA
    70087Saint RoseSaint Rose, LA
    70090VacherieVacherie, LA
    70091VeniceVenice, LA
    70092VioletViolet, LA
    70093Belle ChasseBelle Chasse, LA
    70094WestwegoWestwego, LA
    70096WestwegoWestwego, LA
    70097KennerKenner, LA
    70112New OrleansNew Orleans, LA
    70113New OrleansNew Orleans, LA
    70114New OrleansNew Orleans, LA
    70115New OrleansNew Orleans, LA
    70116New OrleansNew Orleans, LA
    70117New OrleansNew Orleans, LA

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