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    Kentucky Zip Codes (USA)

    Kentucky Zip codes

    Kentucky is a state out of 50 states in USA. Kentucky zipcodes starts from 40003 and ends to 42788.
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    Zipcode Map of Kentucky

    Map showing the location of Zipcode of Kentucky along with Latitude and Longitude.
    Table shows the List of Zipcodes in Kentucky Cities - USA. Find the location of Zipcodes of Kentucky cities below.

    List of Zipcodes of Kentucky Cities, USA

    40003BagdadBagdad, KY
    40004BardstownBardstown, KY
    40006BedfordBedford, KY
    40007BethlehemBethlehem, KY
    40008BloomfieldBloomfield, KY
    40009BradfordsvilleBradfordsville, KY
    40010BucknerBuckner, KY
    40011CampbellsburgCampbellsburg, KY
    40012ChaplinChaplin, KY
    40013Coxs CreekCoxs Creek, KY
    40014CrestwoodCrestwood, KY
    40018EastwoodEastwood, KY
    40019EminenceEminence, KY
    40020FairfieldFairfield, KY
    40022FinchvilleFinchville, KY
    40023FishervilleFisherville, KY
    40025GlenviewGlenview, KY
    40026GoshenGoshen, KY
    40027Harrods CreekHarrods Creek, KY
    40031La GrangeLa Grange, KY
    40032La GrangeLa Grange, KY
    40033LebanonLebanon, KY
    40036LockportLockport, KY
    40037LorettoLoretto, KY
    40040MackvilleMackville, KY
    40041Masonic HomeMasonic Home, KY
    40045MiltonMilton, KY
    40046Mount EdenMount Eden, KY
    40047Mount WashingtonMount Washington, KY
    40048NazarethNazareth, KY
    40049NerinxNerinx, KY
    40050New CastleNew Castle, KY
    40051New HavenNew Haven, KY
    40052New HopeNew Hope, KY
    40055PendletonPendleton, KY
    40056Pewee ValleyPewee Valley, KY
    40057PleasurevillePleasureville, KY
    40058Port RoyalPort Royal, KY
    40059ProspectProspect, KY
    40060RaywickRaywick, KY
    40061Saint CatharineSaint Catharine, KY
    40062Saint FrancisSaint Francis, KY
    40063Saint MarySaint Mary, KY
    40065ShelbyvilleShelbyville, KY
    40066ShelbyvilleShelbyville, KY
    40067SimpsonvilleSimpsonville, KY
    40068SmithfieldSmithfield, KY
    40069SpringfieldSpringfield, KY
    40070SulphurSulphur, KY
    40071TaylorsvilleTaylorsville, KY
    40075Turners StationTurners Station, KY
    40076WaddyWaddy, KY
    40077WestportWestport, KY
    40078WillisburgWillisburg, KY
    40104BattletownBattletown, KY
    40107BostonBoston, KY
    40108BrandenburgBrandenburg, KY
    40109BrooksBrooks, KY
    40110ClermontClermont, KY
    40111CloverportCloverport, KY
    40115CusterCuster, KY
    40117EkronEkron, KY
    40118FairdaleFairdale, KY
    40119Falls Of RoughFalls Of Rough, KY
    40121Fort KnoxFort Knox, KY
    40122Fort KnoxFort Knox, KY
    40129HillviewHillview, KY
    40140GarfieldGarfield, KY
    40142GustonGuston, KY
    40143HardinsburgHardinsburg, KY

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