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    World Map / USA Map / US Zip codes / Idaho Zip Codes

    Idaho Zip codes

    Idaho Zip codes

    Idaho is a state out of 50 states in USA. Idaho zipcodes starts from 83201 and ends to 83877.
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    Zipcode Map of Idaho

    Map showing the location of Zipcode of Idaho along with Latitude and Longitude.
    Table shows the List of Zipcodes in Idaho Cities - USA. Find the location of Zipcodes of Idaho cities below.

    List of Zipcodes of Idaho Cities, USA

    83201PocatelloPocatello, ID
    83202PocatelloPocatello, ID
    83203Fort HallFort Hall, ID
    83204PocatelloPocatello, ID
    83205PocatelloPocatello, ID
    83206PocatelloPocatello, ID
    83209PocatelloPocatello, ID
    83210AberdeenAberdeen, ID
    83211American FallsAmerican Falls, ID
    83212ArbonArbon, ID
    83213ArcoArco, ID
    83214ArimoArimo, ID
    83215Atomic CityAtomic City, ID
    83217BancroftBancroft, ID
    83218BasaltBasalt, ID
    83220BernBern, ID
    83221BlackfootBlackfoot, ID
    83223BloomingtonBloomington, ID
    83226ChallisChallis, ID
    83227ClaytonClayton, ID
    83228CliftonClifton, ID
    83229CobaltCobalt, ID
    83230CondaConda, ID
    83232DaytonDayton, ID
    83233DingleDingle, ID
    83234DowneyDowney, ID
    83235EllisEllis, ID
    83236FirthFirth, ID
    83237FranklinFranklin, ID
    83238GenevaGeneva, ID
    83239GeorgetownGeorgetown, ID
    83241GraceGrace, ID
    83243HolbrookHolbrook, ID
    83244HoweHowe, ID
    83245InkomInkom, ID
    83246Lava Hot SpringsLava Hot Springs, ID
    83250MccammonMccammon, ID
    83251MackayMackay, ID
    83252Malad CityMalad City, ID
    83253MayMay, ID
    83254MontpelierMontpelier, ID
    83255MooreMoore, ID
    83256MorelandMoreland, ID
    83261ParisParis, ID
    83262PingreePingree, ID
    83263PrestonPreston, ID
    83271RocklandRockland, ID
    83272Saint CharlesSaint Charles, ID
    83274ShelleyShelley, ID
    83276Soda SpringsSoda Springs, ID
    83277SpringfieldSpringfield, ID
    83278StanleyStanley, ID
    83281SwanlakeSwanlake, ID
    83283ThatcherThatcher, ID
    83285WayanWayan, ID
    83286WestonWeston, ID
    83287Fish HavenFish Haven, ID
    83301Twin FallsTwin Falls, ID
    83302RogersonRogerson, ID
    83303Twin FallsTwin Falls, ID
    83311AlbionAlbion, ID
    83312AlmoAlmo, ID
    83313BellevueBellevue, ID
    83314BlissBliss, ID
    83316BuhlBuhl, ID
    83318BurleyBurley, ID
    83320CareyCarey, ID
    83321CastlefordCastleford, ID
    83322CorralCorral, ID
    83323DecloDeclo, ID

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