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    Georgia Zip Codes (USA)

    Georgia Zip codes

    Georgia is a state out of 50 states in USA. Georgia zipcodes starts from 30002 and ends to 39901.
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    Zipcode Map of Georgia

    Map showing the location of Zipcode of Georgia along with Latitude and Longitude.
    Table shows the List of Zipcodes in Georgia Cities - USA. Find the location of Zipcodes of Georgia cities below.

    List of Zipcodes of Georgia Cities, USA

    30002Avondale EstatesAvondale Estates, GA
    30003NorcrossNorcross, GA
    30004AlpharettaAlpharetta, GA
    30005AlpharettaAlpharetta, GA
    30006MariettaMarietta, GA
    30007MariettaMarietta, GA
    30008MariettaMarietta, GA
    30009AlpharettaAlpharetta, GA
    30010NorcrossNorcross, GA
    30011AuburnAuburn, GA
    30012ConyersConyers, GA
    30013ConyersConyers, GA
    30014CovingtonCovington, GA
    30015CovingtonCovington, GA
    30016CovingtonCovington, GA
    30017GraysonGrayson, GA
    30018JerseyJersey, GA
    30019DaculaDacula, GA
    30021ClarkstonClarkston, GA
    30022AlpharettaAlpharetta, GA
    30023AlpharettaAlpharetta, GA
    30024SuwaneeSuwanee, GA
    30025Social CircleSocial Circle, GA
    30026North MetroNorth Metro, GA
    30028CummingCumming, GA
    30029North MetroNorth Metro, GA
    30030DecaturDecatur, GA
    30031DecaturDecatur, GA
    30032DecaturDecatur, GA
    30033DecaturDecatur, GA
    30034DecaturDecatur, GA
    30035DecaturDecatur, GA
    30036DecaturDecatur, GA
    30037DecaturDecatur, GA
    30038LithoniaLithonia, GA
    30039SnellvilleSnellville, GA
    30040CummingCumming, GA
    30041CummingCumming, GA
    30042LawrencevilleLawrenceville, GA
    30043LawrencevilleLawrenceville, GA
    30044LawrencevilleLawrenceville, GA
    30045LawrencevilleLawrenceville, GA
    30046LawrencevilleLawrenceville, GA
    30047LilburnLilburn, GA
    30048LilburnLilburn, GA
    30049LawrencevilleLawrenceville, GA
    30052LoganvilleLoganville, GA
    30054OxfordOxford, GA
    30055MansfieldMansfield, GA
    30056NewbornNewborn, GA
    30058LithoniaLithonia, GA
    30060MariettaMarietta, GA
    30061MariettaMarietta, GA
    30062MariettaMarietta, GA
    30063MariettaMarietta, GA
    30064MariettaMarietta, GA
    30065MariettaMarietta, GA
    30066MariettaMarietta, GA
    30067MariettaMarietta, GA
    30068MariettaMarietta, GA
    30069MariettaMarietta, GA
    30070PorterdalePorterdale, GA
    30071NorcrossNorcross, GA
    30072Pine LakePine Lake, GA
    30073DecaturDecatur, GA
    30074RedanRedan, GA
    30075RoswellRoswell, GA
    30076RoswellRoswell, GA
    30077RoswellRoswell, GA
    30078SnellvilleSnellville, GA

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