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    Connecticut Zip Codes (USA)

    Connecticut Zip codes

    Connecticut is a state out of 50 states in USA. Connecticut zipcodes starts from 6001 and ends to 6928.
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    Zipcode Map of Connecticut

    Map showing the location of Zipcode of Connecticut along with Latitude and Longitude.
    Table shows the List of Zipcodes in Connecticut Cities - USA. Find the location of Zipcodes of Connecticut cities below.

    List of Zipcodes of Connecticut Cities, USA

    6001AvonAvon, CT
    6002BloomfieldBloomfield, CT
    6006WindsorWindsor, CT
    6010BristolBristol, CT
    6011BristolBristol, CT
    6013BurlingtonBurlington, CT
    6016Broad BrookBroad Brook, CT
    6018CanaanCanaan, CT
    6019CantonCanton, CT
    6020Canton CenterCanton Center, CT
    6021ColebrookColebrook, CT
    6022CollinsvilleCollinsville, CT
    6023East BerlinEast Berlin, CT
    6024East CanaanEast Canaan, CT
    6025East GlastonburyEast Glastonbury, CT
    6026East GranbyEast Granby, CT
    6027East HartlandEast Hartland, CT
    6028East Windsor HillEast Windsor Hill, CT
    6029EllingtonEllington, CT
    6030FarmingtonFarmington, CT
    6031Falls VillageFalls Village, CT
    6032FarmingtonFarmington, CT
    6033GlastonburyGlastonbury, CT
    6034FarmingtonFarmington, CT
    6035GranbyGranby, CT
    6037BerlinBerlin, CT
    6039LakevilleLakeville, CT
    6040ManchesterManchester, CT
    6041ManchesterManchester, CT
    6042ManchesterManchester, CT
    6043BoltonBolton, CT
    6045ManchesterManchester, CT
    6050New BritainNew Britain, CT
    6051New BritainNew Britain, CT
    6052New BritainNew Britain, CT
    6053New BritainNew Britain, CT
    6057New HartfordNew Hartford, CT
    6058NorfolkNorfolk, CT
    6059North CantonNorth Canton, CT
    6060North GranbyNorth Granby, CT
    6061Pine MeadowPine Meadow, CT
    6062PlainvillePlainville, CT
    6063BarkhamstedBarkhamsted, CT
    6064PoquonockPoquonock, CT
    6065RivertonRiverton, CT
    6066Vernon RockvilleVernon Rockville, CT
    6067Rocky HillRocky Hill, CT
    6068SalisburySalisbury, CT
    6069SharonSharon, CT
    6070SimsburySimsbury, CT
    6071SomersSomers, CT
    6072SomersvilleSomersville, CT
    6073South GlastonburySouth Glastonbury, CT
    6074South WindsorSouth Windsor, CT
    6075StaffordStafford, CT
    6076Stafford SpringsStafford Springs, CT
    6077StaffordvilleStaffordville, CT
    6078SuffieldSuffield, CT
    6079TaconicTaconic, CT
    6080SuffieldSuffield, CT
    6081TariffvilleTariffville, CT
    6082EnfieldEnfield, CT
    6083EnfieldEnfield, CT
    6084TollandTolland, CT
    6085UnionvilleUnionville, CT
    6087UnionvilleUnionville, CT
    6088East WindsorEast Windsor, CT
    6089WeatogueWeatogue, CT
    6090West GranbyWest Granby, CT
    6091West HartlandWest Hartland, CT

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