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    World Map / USA Map / US Zip codes / Alabama Zip Codes

    Alabama Zip codes

    Alabama Zip codes

    Alabama is a state out of 50 states in USA. Alabama zipcodes starts from 35004 and ends to 36925.
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    Zipcode Map of Alabama

    Map showing the location of Zipcode of Alabama along with Latitude and Longitude.
    Table shows the List of Zipcodes in Alabama Cities - USA. Find the location of Zipcodes of Alabama cities below.

    List of Zipcodes of Alabama Cities, USA

    35004MoodyMoody, AL
    35005AdamsvilleAdamsville, AL
    35006AdgerAdger, AL
    35007AlabasterAlabaster, AL
    35010Alexander CityAlexander City, AL
    35011Alexander CityAlexander City, AL
    35013AllgoodAllgood, AL
    35014AlpineAlpine, AL
    35015AltonAlton, AL
    35016ArabArab, AL
    35019BaileytonBaileyton, AL
    35020BessemerBessemer, AL
    35021BessemerBessemer, AL
    35022BessemerBessemer, AL
    35023BessemerBessemer, AL
    35031BlountsvilleBlountsville, AL
    35032Bon AirBon Air, AL
    35033BremenBremen, AL
    35034BrentBrent, AL
    35035BrierfieldBrierfield, AL
    35036BrooksideBrookside, AL
    35038BurnwellBurnwell, AL
    35040CaleraCalera, AL
    35041CardiffCardiff, AL
    35042CentrevilleCentreville, AL
    35043ChelseaChelsea, AL
    35044ChildersburgChildersburg, AL
    35045ClantonClanton, AL
    35046ClantonClanton, AL
    35048ClayClay, AL
    35049ClevelandCleveland, AL
    35051ColumbianaColumbiana, AL
    35052Cook SpringsCook Springs, AL
    35053Crane HillCrane Hill, AL
    35054CropwellCropwell, AL
    35055CullmanCullman, AL
    35056CullmanCullman, AL
    35057CullmanCullman, AL
    35058CullmanCullman, AL
    35060DocenaDocena, AL
    35061DolomiteDolomite, AL
    35062DoraDora, AL
    35063EmpireEmpire, AL
    35064FairfieldFairfield, AL
    35068FultondaleFultondale, AL
    35070Garden CityGarden City, AL
    35071GardendaleGardendale, AL
    35072GoodwaterGoodwater, AL
    35073GraysvilleGraysville, AL
    35074Green PondGreen Pond, AL
    35077HancevilleHanceville, AL
    35078HarpersvilleHarpersville, AL
    35079HaydenHayden, AL
    35080HelenaHelena, AL
    35082HollinsHollins, AL
    35083Holly PondHolly Pond, AL
    35085JemisonJemison, AL
    35087JoppaJoppa, AL
    35089KellytonKellyton, AL
    35091KimberlyKimberly, AL
    35094LeedsLeeds, AL
    35096LincolnLincoln, AL
    35097Locust ForkLocust Fork, AL
    35098LoganLogan, AL
    35111Mc CallaMc Calla, AL
    35112MargaretMargaret, AL
    35114MayleneMaylene, AL
    35115MontevalloMontevallo, AL
    35116MorrisMorris, AL
    35117Mount OliveMount Olive, AL

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